Mir 4 Endless Misunderstanding Guide | The Lost Tome Mystery Quest

Mir 4 Endless Misunderstanding Guide

In this Mir 4 Mystery Quest called Endless Misunderstanding, once again you'll find yourself meddling with dangerous and mysterious family affairs. Some things are meant to be hidden, but we have to reach the bottom of this not only for the greater good of those involved, but especially for the rewards and to unlock subsequent Mysteries. Our Mir 4 Endless Misunderstanding guide is going to show you the solution to one more Mystery Quest from The Lost Tome chain.

How to Unlock Mir 4 Endless Misunderstanding Mystery Quest

Mir 4 Endless Misunderstanding Guide and Tips

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To unlock the Mir 4 Endless Misunderstanding Mystery Quest, you must  previously complete a few steps. The first one and the more obvious is to finish the previous Mystery Quest called The Owner of the Ring (here's the guide).

Then you have to finish a couple of Request missions. First one is called The Way of the Martial Artist and you can get it from Snake Pit. You must defeat 360 enemies, it's that straightforward. The other Request, also from Snake Pit, is called A Living Person's Wish, tasking you with picking up one flower. It is extremely easy, as the flower is marked on the map.

After completing the two Requests and The Owner of the Ring Mystery Quest, all that is left is to return to Snake Pit to automatically trigger the Endless Misunderstanding adventure.

Mir 4 Endless Misunderstanding Guide and Tips

Bull Fiend woman Chunsim is once again at the center of this Mystery Quest. Our walkthrough will show you the way, so keep reading. We'll use the video above as a reference for some locations and actions, all described as necessary in the Mystery Quest guide below.

Clue 1:

I shouldn't meddle in Ma Seopgae's family affairs. But, the Bull Fiend that uses Life Leech worries me… I can't ask a favor of Chunsim again. I'd better visit Snake Pit Village and help people while gathering more information.

Go talk to Madam Ghi in Snake Pit Village.

Clue 2:

The valley is known to turn ordinary people into murderous fiends with its demonic energy. That guy, Sangoo, should also be aware of this. And he's not even a good martial artist… Is his friend a strong enough martial artist to protect the others?

Go to Snake Pit Labyrinth 3F, open the map to see the purple marker and go there. Talk to the man, Howon, to complete this clue.

Clue 3:

Tch, he won't listen to me. I should deal with the Secret Viperbiest first.

Go down the stairs nearby and defeat 30 Secret Viperbiests. After that, return to Howon and talk to him again.

Clue 4:

It was reckless to come to this dangerous place, no matter how good a martial artist his friend is… No one can be safe in the labyrinth. I'm afraid it might be too late to save him. I should find Sangoo and his company quickly.

Go down the same stairs and a cutscene is going to trigger. Ma Wonji shows up, help him to slay enemies until a converstation between you two begins. This ends the clue.

Clue 5:

Other than Warrior Ma… everyone is dead. But, which one of these bodies is Sangoo? Apparently, I can easily identify him by his Seven Jade Belt Tag, but it's hard to tell the difference. I'd better collect all the belt tags.

Follow the pathway of corpses while collecting the belt tags. Don't wait for the Viperbiests that show up, just keep running and collecting until the clue ending triggers.

Clue 6:

Oh… I'm supposed to see Madam Ghi at Snake Pit Village, but my heart weighs heavily at the idea of having to inform her of the bad news. Would they still be alive if I had come earlier…? I need to get even stronger if I want to protect people.

Return to Snake Pit Village for another conversation with Madam Ghi.

Clue 7:

Even though I was practically of no help… I should learn how to be like her! Compared to her, Ma Seopgae and his family are… Ok, I can't let Madam Ghi down. I should go to Ma Seopgae's house and deliver this Glacial Pellet.

Still in Snake Pit Village, open the map and find the whereabouts of Seong Soyo, who is nearby. Talk to him.

Clue 8:

Geez, I can't help but compare Madam Ghi to Madam Seong… They're absolutely different! Once I find Ma Seopgae, I'll never visit his family again. Anyway, where is Ma Seopgae?

Travel to Upper Death Gorge and now you must do some tricky jumping to reach Ma Seopgae. Find the exact path by watching the video above at 6:25.

Clue 9:

Madam Seong asked me to bring Ma Seopgae, but this is all I can do. I delivered the message. Yes, that's it! I'm done. Shoot, I'm in a bad mood now. Let's go train and knock down some demons to feel better. The Snake Pit Labyrinth Secret Passage 3-2 should do the trick.

Now it's time to wind up by fighting. Go to Snake Pit Labyrinth Secret Passage 3-2, you can see the exact location of the portal in the video above at 7:27. When inside, find the most appropriate chamber for battle, and after the third message from your character, the clue ends.

Clue 10:

It's not unusual that the labyrinth is swarming with demons, but something is different… I definitely felt the murderous intent of a human. He looked like Ma Seopgae… Nah, he has no reason to attack me. Still, it's bothering me so let's go check the Snake Pit Labyrinth Secret Passage 3-2 once again.

Still in the same map, run to the penultimate chamber to the left side, where Ma Seopgae is. Approach him and go through a few fights.

Clue 11:

In a fit of anger, I told Ma Seopgae everything about Chunsim. Considering his temper, I'm afraid he's going to hurt her, rather than help her. I'm to blame. There is a hidden path in the Bull Fiend Lair. If I take that shortcut, I'll be able to get to the Bull Fiend Castle and find Chunsim more quickly.

Now it's time to travel to Crystalline Mountain and enter the Bull Fiend's Lair first and then the Bull Fiend Castle. Watch the video above at 9:05 for a detailed showing of the path you need to take. Then it's time for a boss battle against Golden Preta, the Bull Fiend Captain.

Clue 12:

Chunsim. It's a shame that such a nice person is so miserable! Is this the power of a mother's love? I want nothing to do with Ma Seopgae, but I can't turn her down. I should catch him before he makes more trouble. He must be heading back home.

Return to Snake Pit Village and talk to Ma Seopgae.

Clue 13:

I had to leave hurriedly, but… No way. Life Leech? How come Ma Wonji can use it? I'm gonna have to talk to Wonching.

Talk to Wonching to finish this quest.

This concludes the Endless Misunderstanding Mystery Quest Mir4 guide. We hope that this Mir 4 Endless Misunderstanding walkthrough helped you all the way, and you can check more  Mir 4 Mystery Quest guides below.

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