Rogue Company Download Size | What is the File Size of Hi-Rez’s Shooter?

Rogue Company Download Size and Install Size

Hi-Rez Studios' competitive TPS Rogue Company is now available in paid Early Access. Players willing to give this new shooter a go can either go out of their way to grab a key via Twitch drops or giveaways, or purchase one of three Founder's Packs. Launched as an Epic Games Store PC exclusive, Rogue Company isn't going to eat much of your hard disk space, but you should save some storage anyway, because content updates and patches are going to increase the overall instalation size. So, what can you expect from the Rogue Company download size on PC?

Rogue Company Download Size and Install Size on PC

Rogue Company Download Size

Checking the official system requirements on the Epic Games Store page, you'll notice that both the minimum and recommended storage is 20 GB. However, that is a comfortable estimation that is likely taking under consideration future patches.

As you can see by the above screenshot, the Rogue Company download size is 12.1 GB. A few patches have already increased the size on a few hundred MB, but nothing extraordinary. This is the initial download size, so if you're downloading the free launch of Rogue Company that is scheduled for late 2020, you may notice a slight deviation. Experience tells us that the difference isn't going to be massive, so this serves as a perfect guide for what you can expect.

It's also worth noticing that the download above is for the Rogue Company Ultimate Founder's Pack. This is the top tier pack for the game, adding a few extras and six additional rogues unlocked when compared to the Starter Founder's Pack. Once again, very small changes in download and install size are to be expected.

As for the Rogue Company install size, the Epic Games Store launcher displays 10.89 GB. It's a little over what we had with Valorant, but nothing that will make you consider purchasing a new HDD. When you think that the Call of Duty Warzone download sits between 83 and 101 GB for those who don't have Modern Warfare, Rogue Company is very humble in that regard.

In case you are wondering about the Rogue Company download size for every platform, here are the details:

  • PlayStation 4 file size: 6.79 GB
  • Xbox One file size: 9.73 GB
  • Nintendo Switch file size: 100 MB (install size undisclosed)

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