League of Angels 2 celebrates summer with the cool Ocean’s Heart ouftit

It's definitely too hot in most regions of the world for the common person, and even more for those warriors who have to move around with a full suit of armor. League of Angels 2 is just one more of the games to offer you a lighter, breezier and evidently sexier alternative with the Ocean's Heart outfit, whose design represents the beauty and calm of the seas – the beautiful wings are meant to evoke the sea waves.

This suit comes in two separate parts (clothes and wings), so collecting one of them can activate one suit skill, while collecting both will activate two skills. The skills are:

Ocean's Fury (Tidal Enchantment): Deal DMG to a random enemy and immobilize them for 1 turn, this skill has target preference for the enemy's main character.

Tidal Blessing (Sea's Blessing): Heal the entire squad for (up to 139% + 5190) HP and reduce CRIT DMG taken by 15%, lasts 2 turns. This skill also removes all debuffs on one hero.

But how do you get this summer suit? By participating in the Beauty Contest event in League of Angels II on August 11th and 12th.

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