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June 7, 2013 0 News

Wargaming just announced that the free-to-play action MMO World of Tanks surpassed the amazing mark of 60 million registered players around the world. World of Tanks will be featured at this year’s E3, along with World of Warships, which will… Read More »

June 6, 2013 0 News

Perfect World and Cryptic Studios revealed the launch date for the top free MMORPG Neverwinter. Despite a few hiccups with the economy, this is still one of the strongest titles of 2013 and launches on June 20, 2013. The launch… Read More »

June 5, 2013 0 News

Could this be it? Did console manufacturers finally realized the potential of free-to-play games and are going to bet on this area? Well, at least Sony seems to be focusing on it, a little bit on PS3 and now even… Read More »

June 4, 2013 0 News

Finally, you can be a superhero! At least if we mean Marvel Heroes, the new free action MMO game from Gazillion Entertainment and Diablo’s creator, David Brevik. In Marvel Heroes you can control your favorite Marvel super heroes, from Iron… Read More »

June 4, 2013 0 News

After all the excitement caused by World of Warships first cinematic trailer – at the time known as World of Battleships –, Wargaming decided to reveal a new trailer, that is… well, also completely cinematic. But keep your sticks and… Read More »

May 30, 2013 0 News

Today is the day all dragon-riders (and tamers and fighters) were expecting – the new MMORPG from the makers of Runes of Magic, Dragon’s Prophet, is entering open beta. The beta is already live in the European site and should… Read More »

May 30, 2013 0 News

For many years millions of players wished for the return of the Homeworld series, but to no avail. When all hope seemed lost, here’s that Blackbird Interactive announces Hardware: Shipbreakers. But who are they and what game is this? Well,… Read More »

May 29, 2013 0 News

Snail Games, the publisher of Age of Wushu and the upcoming MMORPG Black Gold, just revealed its line-up for E3 2013. Besides details on Black Gold, the first Age of Wushu expansion will be unveiled. Called Legends of Mount Hua,… Read More »

May 29, 2013 1 News

Scarlet Blade, the free adult 3D MMORPG that taking the gaming world by storm – mostly due to its generous female parts bouncing everywhere – is about to get its first major content update. This update adds a new level… Read More »

May 22, 2013 1 News

MOBA developers tend to know nothing more than fantasy. I mean, just look at the amount of games and try to find a different, somewhat original theme: League of Legends, Dota 2, Prime World, Heroes of Newerth, Battle for Graxia,… Read More »