Valorant Voice Actors | Who Plays Agents Jett, Raze, Phoenix, and others

Valorant Voice Actors

Acting in games is now a respected career and for many years has attracted some of the biggest names in the business. Star-studded games such as Death Stranding, Until Dawn, and Quantum Break are just a few examples of the talent that gamers are getting lately. First-person shooters are no stranger to Hollywood stars as well, with Overwatch and now Valorant going for some renowned voice artists. Check the Valorant voice actors list below and see if any of the names sound familiar to you – who knows, you may find an interesting fact or two in there.

Valorant Voice Actors | Full Cast of Valorant Voice Artists

Valorant voice actors agents

Valorant is the upcoming competitive first-person shooter from Riot Games, makers of League of Legends. While these games aren't famous for their deep storytelling and dialogue, it pays off to have talented voice actors to support the Agents. Although the lines are short and mostly cliche, they contribute to the personality of each individual, stressing their calm or anxious nature, methodical or rushed approach, and so on.

Let's take a look at the Valorant voice actors:

Carolina Ravassa – Raze

Does the name ring a bell? What about Raze's voice, sounds familiar? It should, if you're a fan of shooters and especially of Overwatch. Carolina is the voice of Sombra in Blizzard's shooter and she also starred in Just Cause 4, as well as participating in one episode of Mr. Robot.

Ashly Burch – Viper

A reputed voice actress with a rich career in videogames, Ashly is the face behind the voice of Viper in Valorant. She has starred in many videogames, including Dota 2, Fallout 4, Fortnite, Horizon: Zero Dawn, the Borderlands franchise, and Valve's Artifact… but she's not to blame for this one. Many gamers will fondly remember her as Chloe Price from Life is Strange.

Steve Blum – Brimstone

With a vast career that includes work on Star Wars videogames and television series, Steve Blum also lent his voice to Spike Seigel of Cowboy Bebop, and Wolverine of the X-Men. He can be heard in some high-profile movies such as the successful Transformers spin-off Bumblebee.

Shannon Williams – Jett

The Valorant Jett voice actor is Shannon Williams. The young actress and singer of British and South Korean descent really delivered in spades, creating a funny and raw character that isn't afraid of saying it as it is. One of her memorable lines goes like this: “Wow, my back hurts. Everyone is so heavy.” A not-so-subtle stab at players who are trailing behind.

David Menkin – Breach

Quite a reputed actor, David Menkin has taken on big roles in games such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, Control, Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers, and the upcoming Squadron 42, among many others. He also featured in many Thomas and Friends movies, in case you have a little fan over there at home.

Afolabi Alli – Phoenix

Afolabi Alli brings his voice to Phoenix, after working on a few Shakespeare shows and participating in the television series The Split.

Naomi Yang – Sage

Naomi Yang is the actress behind Sage, the China agent who is considered the main support character in Valorant. Naomi participated in several television series but her role as Sage seems to be her first foray into videogame voice acting.

Nabil Elouahabi – Cypher

Cypher is the Sentinel-type class in Valorant and is voiced by Nabil Elouahabi. He played some minor roles in blockbusters such as Ali G, The Sum of All Fears, and Zero Dark Thirty. Before Valorant, his only other voice acting gig was in 2014's Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Jason Marnocha – Omen

Jason Marnocha is the voice of the ominous Omen. The stealthy Controller Agent is fond of teleporting and Jason is no stranger to videogame voice acting, having worked on Smite, Fire Emblem: Heroes, Shenmue 3, and more recently on One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows.

Aaron Vodovoz – Sova

A fairly unknown voice for gamers and cinephiles alike, Aaron plays the Russian Agent Sova and makes the accent just as expected. Valorant marks his first entry into voice acting in videogames, and quite a remarkable one at that.

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