10 Fan Service Free Online Games Vol.3

You asked for it, you got it! Well, at least two of you asked for it, and one was drunk, so we decided to go ahead anyway with our third volume full of games with fan service aplenty. Many new games in this volume, some already playable, others not quite, but overall there are some quality titles here, in case that’s what you’re after – and we can definitely relate.

As always, take this lightly and as one very popular fellow always says, why so serious? Enjoy and if you want to see more of this series, throw your suggestions in the comments. In case you want to watch the previous episodes, the sexy games of volume 1 are here and the too hot to handle games of volume 2 are this way.

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closers online revia

Closers Online is the natural evolution of the side-scrolling online beat’em up genre, featuring a cast of pretty, young and cool characters, colorful settings and fast-paced, visually striking gameplay. The characters themselves are diverse enough, but the game isn’t lacking in the eye-candy department. Yuri is a fan favorite, but latest additions Levia and Harpy clearly push the boobalicious factor through the roof. Fan service or not, Closers Online is a looker and if you can play it, go ahead – if you’re not to be bothered, then you’ll have to wait for an English release that may never happen.


Revelation Online is one of the high profile MMOs coming from China and while it has this unmistakable Blade & Soul look and feel to it, there’s plenty to enjoy in a purely classic, kill 10 random dudes kind of way. The presentation is slick, the classes have all your usual martial arts needs covered and you can even carry someone around for some extra sweetness. Of course, there’s plenty of dance emotes so that you can look for a beautiful spot for your character to dance all day long in her undies. What more could you ask for? That is, besides a western release that doesn’t seem likely?


devilian online 4

You would expect that a horror-themed MMO included the standard mature design, which translates into horrible creatures and a focus on female sensuality, and that’s exactly the case with Devilian. You’re not just rescuing beautiful maidens from the clutches of evil dark lords – you can play as one. Devilian is pretty much Diablo the MMO, only with more boob bouncing and plenty of costumes that would please the S&M fans that are out there. Hey, we’re not here to judge.


herowarz 1

HeroWarz is one of the Korean MMOs that already have a release pinned for the western market, so if you still don’t know what this game is all about, you should catch up on it, as it’s incredibly fun and successful. But one other thing that this game has is a bunch of crazy characters, a mix of stereotypical and accomplished design that obviously couldn’t leave the hot girls out of it. For example, there’s the girl with the machine gun, the sporty one with the baseball bat, the loli, of course, and a few more characters with long legs and not much clothing. One of them is apparently even called BigWang, which is funny in an immature kind of way.


One of the most recent games on this list to deserve a release, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – First Assault Online probably has one of the longest titles for a videogame ever, even beating I Have no Mouth and I Must Scream, but all is forgiven when you look at front lady Motoko – and you will look at her a lot, as Nexon made sure she was prominently featured on the promotional material of this first-person shooter. There’s not much more to say about it besides this, and a picture is worth a thousand words, so here you are – have a few thousand words, no need to thank us.


Ah, Nutaku games! Most of you probably know what this means, but if you’re underage then hey, look, isn’t that the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse airing right now on TV? Anyway, now that we grownups can talk without fear of reprisal from enraged parents, we can tell you about Kanpani Girls and how this game is one of the softest and more family-friendly titles from this studio – and this is a game where you recruit female mercenaries that usually get their clothes ripped apart in combat. Think of this as Pokémon, only your Pokémon are in fact sexy anime girls that tend to go to battle in inappropriate clothing – hey, there’s even a nun, for crying out loud. To be perfectly honest, if you like the pretty decent artwork and you have a thing for collectible games of this sort, then Kanpani Girls could entertain you for a week or so, before you uninstall it and forget it forever. Just don’t let anyone step into the room or you’ll have some explaining to do.


hyper universe 4

There are few things in the world that sound stranger than a 2D side-scrolling MOBA, but Nexon is actually publishing that game, called Hyper Universe. We have to admit that it looks good and there are a couple of things going for it: the cast includes some pop culture celebrities such as the Power Rangers, Kid Icarus or Bruce Lee, and the female characters are often of the exaggerated, what-the-heck-are-those-things kind of design. Kudos to the overall artwork on Hyper Universe and a western release would definitely be appreciated.


Do you remember Sword Girls, a collectible card game that we covered on the first episode of this groundbreaking series? Star Era shares some elements with that game, more specifically the sexy characters and the top quality card artwork, however, it’s not just girls this time. Well, sure, it’s pretty much mostly girls and it almost looks like the guys are there just to move the story forward and little else, but I guess it’s worth mentioning. Oh, and that story… well, it’s quite a mess, with plenty of substances, genetic mutation, spacecrafts, colleges and 13 year-old children. Star Era is closer to a visual novel than to something of a strategy card game as it tries to disguise itself, so only go for it if you like reading a lot and looking at artwork of pretty anime ladies and mostly static auto-combat.


monster hunter online 2

Wow, we weren’t expecting this! Monster Hunter Online has seen quite an improvement in graphics and the characters now look absolutely stunning, as you can see for yourself right now. It’s too pretty and damn this game once again for being a China exclusive. The good news is that Tencent is open to an English patch and even willing to provide some pointers to the fans making it, so maybe in no time everyone will be able to play Monster Hunter Online in English, as there is no IP block. But we digress – what we should actually be saying is that with the improved visuals it is very easy to create a stunning character that is – as usually – badly dressed for battle with massive, horrifying creatures, but who cares about armor anyway, right?


If you don’t know what the hell an Age of Gunslingers Online is, then the most likely scenario is that you won’t ever get to try it out. This is a Chinese third-person shooter without much story, and with some maps blatantly inspired – this is the kindest word we can say about it – by Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike. You can even see a very obvious interpretation of Baby Doll from the movie Sucker Punch, only here she’ called Blade. Age of Gunslingers Online naturally comes with plenty of panty shots and includes a shop with many revealing outfits, probably the best thing about this forgettable game.

Did you enjoy the third episode of our oh-so-controversial series? If so, then give us a big thumbs up and leave us a pat in the back in the comments. If you don’t like this, then why did are you still watching the video? Anyway, we have plenty of top 10s on different topics, so go check them out, you’ll certainly find something you like. For those who want episode 4, let us know which games include a certain dose of fan service that makes them qualify for it – just don’t forget to exclude the games that we already covered in the previous episodes. As always, have fun playing!

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