Blue Protocol Controller Support | Can You Play with a PC or Console Gamepad?

Blue Protocol Controller Support

Playing with a mouse and keyboard may be perfect for most games, but gone are the times when controllers were limited to a handful of genres. Take Blue Protocol as an example, Bandai Namco's highly anticipated anime MMORPG that is taking the world by storm. Obviously, it is impressing Japan first and foremost, with the rest of the world mostly watching from a distance, glancing over videos that show the immense potential and ambition driving this game. But is there any sort of Blue Protocol controller support in the plans, or are MMO fans limited to using the good old mouse and keyboard combo?

Is Bandai Namco Working on Blue Protocol Controller Support?

Blue Protocol Controller Support

In case you are wondering if it isn't too soon to discuss aspects such as controller support, you'd be mistaken. Bandai Namco is firing on all cylinders, already having announced important details such as the business model and western release.

As for the info pertaining to controller support, we learned about it by early 2020, during the second Blue Protocol livestream. The devs answered many player questions and one of them was about gamepad support, so here is what they had to say.

Blue Protocol has native controller support, both for PC and console gamepads. During the closed beta test, only the Xbox One controller supported key mapping, but PC and Dualshock 4 controllers can be remapped as well when the game officially launches.

So, there you have it, Bandai Namco is supporting your controller needs for Blue Protocol, a game that remains as a PC exclusive so far. Who knows if the Japanese studio has plans for porting this stunning anime MMORPG to consoles such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, but at least you know that you can use your favorite controller on PC.

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