Dragon Raja Night of the Asao Fish Tale Guide | Full Tale Walkthrough

Dragon Raja Night of the Asao Fish Tale Guide

With the Open Shop update came another Dragon Raja Gold Tale, technically the ninth Tale to be released. As every fan of this MMORPG surely knows by now, these Tales may be difficult to trigger, and sometimes it’s a matter of luck as the stars align and all the requirements are in place for it to happen – weather, in-game time, location, and other aspects. In other Tales, it’s a simple matter of running across a suspicious NPC or event and starting the quest. You can trigger the new Night of the Asao Fish Tale (also known as End of Shallow Night, as referred by the title Gentle Night that you earn) by meeting a character in Tokyo, but he isn't always there. To help you out in every step of the way, follow our Dragon Raja Night of the Asao Fish Tale guide.

Dragon Raja Night of the Asao Fish Tale Guide and Tips

Dragon Raja Night of the Asao Fish Tale Guide Start

Go to Tokyo and find this little restaurant (541,280). Hopefully there will be a male guest with an exclamation mark there, so talk to him to hear a conversation about a fish dish; otherwise, return at a different time. This will trigger the Night of the Asao Fish Gold Tale, go ask EVA about it just to be sure. Click the book on the stand to read the menu, and then talk to the people around for a series of conversations until you are asked to choose a dish: Wasabi Ramen, Fried Sauce Noodles or Longevity Noodles. I picked the last option, although I can’t say just what effect this has on the Tale.

The dish will appear on the stand, click on it to play a minigame. When that is done, move back and talk to the young man near the road. Answer “I’ll search with you,” unless you couldn’t care less about this Tale…

Now your quest is to find that stranger, so where could he be? Luckily, he’s in Tokyo, find him (464,413) and when you face two choices, say “Your son is looking for you.” When the next dialogue choice pops up, once again stick to the “Your child is looking for you” topic. Speak to the guest by your side to trigger a fight, and when that’s done, talk to the young man again. Father and son are finally going home, but another stranger arrives, go talk to him. Oh no, the restaurant was robbed, the horror, the drama.

Asao Fish Gold Tale

You’re obviously concerned with the Asao Fish, after all, that’s the name of this Tale, so choose that option. Go to the nearby phone booth (461,425) and read the book on top to find the number of the detective agency – it’s 4536251, so free dial it on the phone booth. Detective Masaki Suda gives you very cryptic directions to reach his agency, because reasons:

“Start at the current location and follow the lead: Giraffes -> 75 -> NBQS -> White Clover -> Pink Network -> Crab and Ramen -> Owl under the Capybara. You need to make four turns and cross the street once, and the office is a three-story building next to the end.”

Thank you, that’s not weird at all. So, giraffes, what the heck? You can skip this part and go straight to the next paragraph, but for laughs I'll leave the locations that the detective described. The giraffe is on the wall to the left of the phone booth; the 75 is nearby, also on the wall (468,441); the NBQS is a billboard close by, look above (476,441); the white clover is another billboard straight ahead (476,475); the pink network is the huge pink building; crab and ramen is the restaurant with the huge crab sign (414,472); cross the street and find the owl under the capybara in the shop sign (371,460). To the left is the detective agency.

If you try calling the other number in the phone book (4562252), it doesn’t connect, so let’s go to another place in Tokyo (364,452). Near the vending machines there’s a door, so enter it – that’s the detective agency. It’s the gym, in fact, but I guess times are hard and people need to make do with whatever they have. Run to the table and speak to Suda. Reply “No” because the other answer is going to anger EVA, she even threatens of you being expelled from Cassell College.

Sit on the empty chair and beat a minigame where you must guess which three images are the correct ones, along with their positions. Dragon Raja usually has extremely easy minigames, so this one can be quite difficult for a change, since you only have six tries.

After beating the minigame, talk to Suda once more and he’ll babble on about the next phase of the investigation, with suspects and clues and whatever. Go to this Tale menu and click on the Clue Wall button to open the lead wall. Ignore this for now and return to the restaurant to find more clues (541,280). There are three clues for you to click on: mud on the table, the tramp in the corner (532,294), which you must do a full body search to, and more mud near the tree (555,279).

Open the clue wall and try to make sense of it. Drag the clues into the board and connect the pins in order to confirm the evidence. Place the suspect in the middle and the clues around him, with each pin connecting to the tramp. It’s far from being an intuitive process, so try to follow the scheme below. Confirm Evidence and a new suspect is unlocked, a stranger.

Suspect One

Still in Tokyo, go to another building (431,410), which is the stranger’s home – it oddly resembles the secret room where you find the ghost girl from the Midnight Voice Tale, but perhaps there’s a fashion thing going on. The stranger is sitting and watching TV, so talk to him only to hear that you can be sued for trespassing. Show him your lead wall and he replies by saying that he was home at the time. Not a bad alibi, but is it true? Go to the side room to speak with the kid, who says that his dad went out for ten minutes. Gotcha? Finally, check the clock above the television to see that it was 10 minutes ahead of the normal time.

Exit the apartment and talk to the convenience store shopkeeper in front of the 96 store (436,385). Make another trip to the restaurant (541,280) and click on the new golden clock to find a new clue. Go to your lead wall and arrange the new clues from the stranger, but this time connecting specific clues unlocks new leads. See the image below for the connections that you need to make in order to confirm evidence.

Dragon Raja Night of the Asao Fish Tale Guide New Suspect

We found our man! Let’s confront him with the evidence to see what he has to say. Back to his house (431,410) and start a conversation with the man. He admits the crime and tells you that the fish is behind the door, near the box (216,245). But… there’s no fish! Talk to him again and exit the room, making your way to the restaurant once again (541,280). Talk to the young man near the stand to witness a discussion about the fish, and then interact with the “fish” on the floor to trigger an extremely difficult minigame. After failing it (most likely), speak to the man, and then talk to the stranger when the culprit is lying on the floor to hear a heartbreaking story.

Click the interact button that pops up near your character to check the newspaper where Nanako is reported missing. Talk to the stranger and then interact with the hand icon again to help him up. One more conversation and the Night of the Asao Fish Tale is over. Moral of the story is to take care of your own and forget about the fish.

We hope that this Dragon Raja Night of the Asao Fish Tale guide helped you out. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to clear any doubts that you had following this walkthrough.

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