Dragon Raja Town Anecdote Tale Guide | Full Tale Walkthrough

Dragon Raja Town Anecdote Tale Guide

Fans of cryptic and suspenseful stories have another Dragon Raja Tale to enjoy. The Town Tale, also known as Story of the Small Town tells the story of a young girl and her dog, who is gone but not forgotten. With a few tricky time sensitive missions, it may take you a few days to beat this anecdote tale, so make sure that you bring some patience along for the ride – even triggering it is an action that requires you to stay at a place in a specific time. As always, our Dragon Raja Town Anecdote Tale Guide below will help you out the best way that we can, so read on and try to discover the fate of poor husky Jiro.

Dragon Raja Town Anecdote Tale Guide and Tips

Dragon Raja Town Anecdote Tale Guide Masako

The Dragon Raja Town Tale begins in a tricky way. In a Tokyo metro station, stand on these coordinates (354,219) and wait for a hand interaction icon to show up. This can be very random, but sometimes it may work. Try between 1AM and 2AM, or 1PM and 2PM. If this doesn’t work, try with different weather conditions or just leave your character there until the icon shows up eventually.

Interact with the hand to read a newspaper clip and trigger the Town Anecdote Tale. The paper mentions a husky dog that is being called Subway Guardian, standing by the station for about a week after being abandoned by his owner. He is waiting for the return of his master, in what is surely a nod to the real story of Hachikō – you can learn about it by watching the 2009 movie Hachi: A Dog's Tale starring Richard Gere, among others.

Moving on, go to your Tale menu and access the Town Tale. Give EVA a call and hear her advice about going to Ehime Prefecture to relax and watch the clouds. Sure, why not? Go there and wait for Cloudy weather to trigger Masako (251,251) – talk to her when she has the exclamation mark above her head. Personally speaking, this step stomped me for a handful of days, as the weather forecast is erroneous to say the least – it’s not a bug, it’s a feature that the devs have mentioned before, the unpredictability is part of the… ahem, fun. Just keep coming back to Ehime Prefecture until the cloudy weather becomes a thing.

Town Tale Masako Mother

Speak to Masako and choose “Cheer Masako up,” followed by a session of exclusive entertainment. Press all the options one by one and go to the front of Masako to execute that action: sing, dance, blow bubbles, and fireworks. After three or so actions Masako says that it’s getting late and she should go home.

The next move is also time sensitive, so you must wait for a few real-time hours, or a full day just to be sure. Once again in Ehime Prefecture, find a Hoodlum threatening Masako (253,266), something that should happen at 1 AM or 1 PM, according to your personal game experience. When the Hoodlum has the exclamation mark above his head, interact with him and say “Go help” to make him run away. Speak to Masako again and she’ll finally thank you and invite you to play games at her home right across the street (255,215). Talk to Masako and follow her into her home.

While inside, speak to Masako (9,16) and she’ll go get the game console, nice! When she returns, it turns out the console was broken, and she suggests a chat instead. Oh, well. In a surprise twist, Jiro was her dog and he was gone after she returned from a party camp. Talk to Masako once again to learn more details of the story. After that, look around the house for clues: the photograph on the table (13,13), the dog food on the corner – play the minigame (17,3), and the trash bin – play another minigame (17,17). After finding the clues, Masako’s mother shows up, so talk to her. Exit Masako’s home.

Dragon Raja Tale Nakamura

Masako is outside, speak to her. Say “There are more” and she’ll tell you about Mr. Nakamura, a veterinarian that lives near the Chizuru basketball court. Go there (208,189), score one basket and then the exclamation mark will appear above Tatsuya Nakamura, go talk to him. Say “State your business” and speak with him again until you can ask some questions. Ask about everything: “Glucosamine chondroitin”, “Over half of dog food left”, “A dog’s fang that fell out”, and “Loves to sleep.” Address Nakamura again for his advice and then watch him leave.

Return to Masako’s house in Ehime Prefecture and you’ll find her mother outside – Masako must be nearby. Find her (273,253) and say “There are more.” Speak to her a couple more times until she goes home. Take a trip to the beach and eavesdrop on a couple of animal fans having a debate over who is the best animal, cats or dogs (315,256). Return to Masako’s home and speak to her outside.

Take a break from this Town Tale and wait for the next real-life day before you can return to Masako’s home and speak to her (257,198). It’s probably not necessary to wait for so long, you just need to wait for an in-game day to go by, but since rainy weather is a requirement, this may take longer than expected. Call EVA to know when you can go there – if she says that Masako is upset and needs some space, you must wait a while longer; but if she says that Masako sent you a communication request and that “her cry sounds more sorrowful with the sound of the rain,” that’s your cue to go meet her.

Dragon Raja Town Anecdote Tale Guide Masako Rainy Weather

Talk to Masako a few times until you agree to take her to Tokyo and search for Jiro. Go to Tokyo and find the Homeless Dog Rescue Team Member (182,337). You can only interact with her (exclamation mark over her head) during the working hours (9:00 to 17:00), as a call to EVA will let you know. However, this step seems somewhat random, because I was able to speak to her at 7 AM, so go there at different times until the exclamation mark triggers. After a short conversation where she mentions Jiro being as loyal as Hachiro (see?), and that he was adopted by a Mr. Shore, who works at the Funfair’s carousel.

Head over to the Funfair and talk to Mr. Shore (388,208), to learn that the dog ran away. Go back to Ehime Prefecture to speak with Masako (258,197), with her father joining the conversation soon after. Chat with him and then go searching for Jiro in the mountain with bamboo – your first destination reveals some blood smudges (202,338), interact with it and move to the next spot to investigate hair on the ground (191,320). Nearby there are marks on the ground (182,314), and after you interact with these, Jiro should appear close by (169,315).

Examine Jiro to discover that his leg is broken. Return to Masako’s home to give her the sad news and end the Town Anecdote Gold Tale on a bittersweet note. We hope that this Dragon Raja Town Anecdote Tale guide helped you with this quest.

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