Dragon Raja The Innocents Tale Guide | Full Tale Walkthrough

Dragon Raja The Innocents Tale Guide

Contrary to first impressions, Dragon Raja has more than six main Tale quests waiting for your powers of deduction… and luck, to be honest. A seventh tale was just discovered – called The Innocents, it will test your detective skills in a crime drama that is very engaging and surprising, with twists aplenty. If you have completed the other six main Tales, the Tale screen with EVA will reveal the option to slide to the right as soon as you trigger the new adventure. Read our detailed Dragon Raja The Innocents Tale guide to know how to trigger this quest, what to do every step of the way, and how to come to terms with this story of jealousy, justice, and crime. Thankfully, it doesn't seem to rely on random time-sensitive events, or at least it didn't happen during our experience. It should take no longer than 30 minutes for a full playthrough.

Dragon Raja The Innocents Tale Guide and Tips

Dragon Raja The Innocents Tale Guide Laurence

Go to Ehime Prefecture and find the Police and Aiko (260,212) – the NPCs were there at 1PM with Drizzle weather, but this may not be a requirement for the Tale. Speak to the Policeman to witness his conversation with the dumb Aiko (you’ll see why she’s dumb soon enough) and to trigger The Innocents Tale. Follow Aiko and interact with Laurence to see just how scummy he is, and then talk to the passer-by that invited himself into the group.

Go to the Tale quests menu and click the arrow to the right to discover another batch of six Tales. Choose The Innocents Tale and give EVA a call to hear her tip – you can go to Aiko’s home one hour later, she lives close by (291,229). Laurence is at the door, so chat with him to realize that Aiko made the right thing and kicked him out. Talk to the passer-by next to you and then a brilliant thought occurs to you – why wait when you can break into Aiko’s house?

Walk around the house to find the Policeman standing at the back, talk to him. Bad news, Aiko is lying unconscious inside the house! Follow the Policeman to the front door and enter the house, which looks suspiciously like a kitchen from the Cuisines career (got to put those assets to good use). This Tale takes a great detective twist, as you investigate Aiko’s limbs and face to see what could have caused this.

The Innocents Tale Aiko Home

After investigating, speak with Sherlock Holmes… I mean, the Policeman, until she disappears. Talk to him again to hear his doubts about this case, which doesn’t seem to be a simple suicide, something just doesn’t add up. Investigate her cellphone on the ground and the parent’s bills close by (16,17), and then go to the fish plate near the window (13,13). Solve a short spot the differences puzzle and you’ll find a tragic revelation! Check the empty bottle of sleeping pills on the cabinet (14,12) and the frying pan (14,12), this one triggering another mini-game. The trashcan also deserves an attentive eye (15,18), as it could hide some important secrets to solve this mystery. Solve the puzzle for another vital clue and then interact with the Policeman (don’t click on him, use the “interact” icon near him instead).

A question will pop up: “We know that the payer of the sleeping pill’s invoice is Laurence, but what evidence confirms that he’s a suspect?” The answer is “Sleeping pill-laced porgy with rice.” If you happen to give the wrong answer, don’t worry – Laurence is back, so talk to the Policeman and you’ll automatically show your evidence against the guy. When the Policeman goes away, you can exit the house and head over to the club Laurence mentioned.

The Innocents Club Security

Wait, a club here in Ehime Prefecture? Where could it be? No worries, go to the coordinates (66,317) and interact with the door. Head inside and speak to the Policeman (86,53), who suggests that you two should split up and question the staff. Talk to the waiter and the guy in front of him, then go to the other side of the room to interrogate the other waiter (82,83). Finally, go have a chat with the Security (40,87). Leave the bar through the doors with the hearts, any door will do.

Outside, you should follow the footprints – click on them just to make sure, although this probably isn’t necessary – until you reach… you guessed it, Aiko’s home. The passer-by is standing at the front door with the Policeman and Laurence, so talk to him. Even in the face of the evidence, he says that he’s innocent, so who else is a suspect here? Hm, porgies rice seems to play an important role, what could this mean?

Go inside Aiko’s home and check the porgies rice dish once more. Aiko didn’t even take a bite, so this wasn’t what made her faint! It’s time to check the left drawers from the kitchen cabinets, where you’ll find a receipt for the pills that Laurence has been buying. The drawers on the right have a lot of tapes. Near the fridge, investigate the empty glass of wine (12,12), which is the real reason for Aiko’s loss of consciousness. Finally, investigate the window as well to find some marks, and you should be able to speak to the Policeman again. There isn’t enough evidence yet, so check the porgies rice dish again to get a more detailed description.

Dragon Raja The Innocents Tale Guide Policeman

Next, activate your vision/second sight to find footprints on the floor (14,13). Press the interaction icon next to them, and then interact with the cop, triggering a mini-game. Interact with him again to get a question: “Judging by the footprints, the cop entered the room via the window and nobody noticed that, then when did he enter the room?” The correct answer is “After Aiko fainted.”

Speak to the Policeman to get him to come clean, and the mystery is finally solved, it seems. He asks to see Aiko once again before turning himself in, and you can Agree or Deny (“No”). I agreed and left the room, speaking with the passer-by outside – he makes a good point about the sleeping pill bottles, so apparently, we must search for those. Oh look, there’s a dustbin close by, so let’s dig deeper by interacting with both icons (297,235). A mini-game will trigger, resulting in a discovery when you’ve successfully completed it.

Talk to the passer-by one more time to share your findings, and then suddenly… a shocking event that I won’t spoil here. The Innocents Gold Tale ends on a disturbing note. Would things have been different if you didn’t leave the Policeman inside with Aiko? Would it allow you to finish the Tale? Who knows? We hope that our Dragon Raja The Innocents Tale guide helped you out.

Dragon Raja The Innocents Tale Guide Ending

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