Dragon Raja Rainy Night Tale Guide | Full Tale Walkthrough

Dragon Raja Rainy Night Tale Guide

Depressing, gloomy weather is the perfect setting for another Dragon Raja Tale. This is unofficially the eight main Tale to be discovered, right after The Innocents. While it is fairly short, it can be bothersome to complete because it forces you to wait a couple of times for a real day to pass in order to trigger the next events. Furthermore, the rainy setting is a crucial part of the proceedings, which means that you must check the weather forecast before deciding when to take on this Tale. Read the step-by-step Dragon Raja Rainy Night Tale guide to learn where and when you should interact and come to terms with a story that is as deceiving as they come.

Dragon Raja Rainy Night Tale Guide and Tips

Dragon Raja Rainy Night Tale Guide Sasa Sakurai

Go to Tokyo during rainy weather (heavy rain worked for me) and find a specific public phone to make a call (414,559). EVA will pick up and ask for your report. Give the logical answers and never hang up until the Rainy Night Tale triggers. It looks like someone was eavesdropping, so listen to EVA’s hint on the Tale menu – she says that you should return to the phone on the next rainy day to dig deeper. This is meant to be the next real day, not in-game day.

Now that’s what I call a rain check.

Fast forward to the next real-life day, once again with rainy weather, and find a girl called Sasa Sakurai in Tokyo during Thunderstorm or Heavy Rain, lying on the ground near the phone (408,561). Speak to her several times until you offer to purchase painkillers from Fannie Beth, the specialty merchant (500,453). Return to Sasa Sakurai and talk to her until you give the painkillers. Say that you will look into the situation and she starts walking until she disappears. Her home isn’t too far, but it takes some luck to find it if you’re not following a guide (340,587).

Dragon Raja Rainy Night Tale Guide Bar Owner

Enter Sasa Sakurai’s home and immediately attack everything that comes your way. When things are finally quiet, interact with the pile of trash to read a ripped piece of paper showing “street-street-roof” (218, 245). Inspect the tag on the wall of the other room – activate vision first or you won’t see a thing.

Exit the room and go to Tokyo on another rainy day to speak with a girl with pink pants (462,396). Ask about Sasa Sakurai to learn that she used to work in that bar, but she left a long time ago. Call EVA from the Tales menu to get her advice – look around for suspicious situations, so let’s do that.

Go to a building where you’ll find a Cassell College tag on the wall by activating Vision (540,488). Enter that building through the glass doors (540,473), taking you straight to the roof. What can we do here? Apparently, nothing but waiting 24 real-life hours for an NPC to show up (533,471), once again during rainy weather.

Dragon Raja Gold Cassell College Tag

When he finally has the decency to appear, you’ll find out that he is the one and only Eguchi Ryota. Talk to him and a fight ensues, with Sasa Sakurai being kind enough to join in and give you a hand. When you have defeated everyone, speak to Sasa and another fight begins. Defeat the death servitor, using your special skill when the prompt appears, and then talk to Eguchi once more.

He’ll pose you a question and you are faced with four choices: “Sasa doesn’t want to become a death servitor”, “… I’m sorry… I’m sorry”, “(Silent)”, and “I can.” Choose the first option just to be safe, give the man a second to catch his breath, and then interact with him again to finish the Gold Tale Rainy Night.

Dragon Raja Rainy Night Tale Guide Sasa Sakurai Rooftop

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