Dragon Raja The Story of Yesterday Tale Guide | Full Gold Tale Walkthrough

Dragon Raja The Story of Yesterday Tale Guide

The Story of Yesterday tale has finally been released in the global Dragon Raja server. For a few weeks you could see the glowing sparks that indicated the tale trigger, but the message “server level is too low” prevented anyone from beginning the quest. Now you finally can explore this Gold Tale and try to help a girl find her long-lost boyfriend, who apparently had run off after a lover’s quarrel, never to be seen again. For this tale you should be aware that there are three steps that you need to execute with a specific weather condition, a rainy day to be more precise, but there’s nothing particularly complex or confusing besides that. Read our Dragon Raja The Story of Yesterday Tale Guide and add one more tale to your long list of solved Anecdotes.

Dragon Raja The Story of Yesterday Tale Guide and Tips

Dragon Raja The Story of Yesterday Tale Guide

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Start your adventure by going to Tokyo and reading a letter from the floor, near the mysterious fortune teller (514,334). Read the letter, it tells you about a someone eating Taiyaki at a restaurant that shut down the next day. Go to your Tale menu and see that you have just unlocked The Story of Yesterday gold tale. Give EVA a call to get the next hint, which is pretty much to ask a passerby about the letter. Thanks, EVA, that was extremely useful.

Luckily, a pair of passersby are standing right around the corner with the “?” mark above the girl’s head, so go chat her up (498,338). Talk to the man next, but to no avail. Your next destination is a Taiyaki restaurant, which you can find in the First Street (472,484). Talk to the vendor twice and cross the street, entering the alley where the hungry dog stands (529,441).

Near the blockade you’ll find another letter on the ground, read it. You can check the box behind you, but it contains no clues. There’s another box in front of the dog, go check it out. Oh, a small pendant, nice.

Your next step is finding the letter-writing girl by pure chance, since the clues aren’t very useful. She is standing at the bus stop (352,523). Talk to her and choose your answers, until you discover that her boyfriend has gone missing 12 years ago. When faced with three options, pick your favorite.

Talk to her again and you should get a prank message right after. Ask the girl about the error message, and suddenly it hits you: Nibelungen! Activate vision / second sight and enter the rift nearby. Sunny, the letter-writing girl, is right there with you, talk to her a few times until she runs off. Pick an answer and follow Sunny straight ahead until you reach her (682,620), then talk to her again until she once again runs away.

Find Suzuki Kishi a.k.a. Mr. Takashi farther down the road (667,667). Talk to him and you’ll be transported to a memory from the past, more precisely 12 years ago. Speak to Suzuki next to the bus stop to witness a discussion with Sunny. A phone message will explain things a bit, as you are returned to Tokyo present day. You now must look around for three memories in Tokyo and Chizuru, in no specific order, but these memories only appear in rainy days.

The first memory in Tokyo can be found near a bus stop, you’ll see Sunny there (535,494). Go there on a rainy / heavy rain day and turn on vision / second sight to enter the memory. Wait for an interaction icon to show near Sunny and use it. A few text messages will begin, and when they are over, the memory ends.

Go to the next location, once again in Tokyo and on a rainy day (497,579). This is the restaurant where Luminous and Erii went on a date. Sunny is there along with a man, apparently a date that her ghostly ex-boyfriend arranged. Turn on vision to see the interaction icon a few steps away from them and use it. More messages will start showing and the memory ends as they do.

The only memory left is in Chizuru, and it’s business as usual. On a rainy day, go to the memory location (148,141) and turn on vision. Look for the interaction nearby and click it (144,145), causing another series of messages to come through. When you close the first batch, another one starts.

After that, return to Tokyo and once again enter the Nibelungen through the bus stop rift by turning on vision (356,525). Find Mr. Takashi again (668,667) and talk to him, then you can go together to discuss the whole thing with Sunny, she happens to be close by (707,634). Talk to her, then to him, and you are now at the end of The Story of Yesterday Gold Tale, so pick any of the answers to beat this adventure: “Tell Fitch everything that happened” or “Tell Sunny everything that happened.”

You get the Gold achievement, 10 anecdote points, a Moments Medal Cassette and the Peaceful Time – Be With You title. We hope this Dragon Raja The Story of Yesterday Tale guide helped you out.

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