Dragon Raja Chrysanthemum Tale Guide | Full Gold Tale Walkthrough

Dragon Raja Chrysanthemum Tale Guide

With a new Dragon Raja global update comes a new Gold Tale. Called Chrysanthemum, it is available for all servers of level 95 and above, and your character level must be at least 90. This is another detective tale that involves one of the main characters suffering a tragic fate, and your help in solving this mystery and finding the culprit is priceless. There are no clue boards this time, but you have to put on your best investigation skills in order to unravel this riddle. Either that, or you can read our Dragon Raja Chrysanthemum Tale guide below, that also works.

Dragon Raja Chrysanthemum Tale Guide and Tips

Dragon Raja Chrysantemum Tale Guide Start

Chrysanthemum – Alongside a Tokyo Street quietly lays a row of yellow chrysanthemum…

Go to Tokyo and find the yellow flowers to start the Dragon Raja Chrysanthemum Gold Tale (588,527). This is a time sensitive event where you must wait for a fallen girl to appear nearby (519,513), so don’t be surprised if you have to return at another time to trigger the tale – for me, this happened at 9 AM with sunny weather.

Talk to the girl who has fallen to the ground and then you must find a red-haired man. Find him across the street (552,539) and beat him up to retrieve the bag. Return to the girl to return it and talk to her until the Misae option appears, which you must select. Misae Takahi shows up right away, talk to her. Back to the first girl, whose name is Kikue Ichinose, and then you are required to exchange contact details with her. To do this, tap the hand icon and the two girls will walk away.

Now it’s time for a break, because the tale will only continue after a daily reset. You will see a prompt in your quest list saying [O] Tap to Complete: Beep! Beep! Beep!, so tap it right away. A comm from Misae will start, inviting you for a celebration meal at 8PM. Enter your reply to accept the invitation and you’ll learn that Miss Kikue lives near Asakusa Temple.

Go to Tokyo and find Misae Takahi just standing there (254,360). If it isn’t the right time, you won’t be able to interact with her – you’ll notice it when the exclamation mark shows up above her head – this happened to me at 12AM in-game time. Talk to her and cross the street, where Misae is once again waiting for you. After another quick chat, enter the building nearby, Kikue Ichinose’s home (258, 345).

Dragon Raja Chrysantemum Tale Guide Miss Kikue

Once inside, speak with Kikue Ichinose and you’ll meet her sister, Kari. Keep talking with Kikue and Misae until you get to go with her to relax on the couch (117,118). Tap the huge gaming console on the table and complete the minigame, then talk to Misae again. Go check on Miss Kikue, she should start a dialogue with Akira Akechi – when that ends, you can interact with Kari (120,122).

After a short interlude, Kikue and Akira are now sitting on the couch. Speak with her and Misae and Kari will join you all. Chat with Kari about coffee and then take a sip from your cup on the table by interacting with the icon.

Suddenly, tragedy strikes. Kikue is mysteriously lying on the ground, is she… dead? Talk to Misae and then check the pupils, heart, and on-hand state on Kikue. Well, she’s not dead, but there’s lots of vomit around, yuck. Apparently, Kikue suffered a brain haemorrhage and now you must call an ambulance and the police. Do this by checking your quest list and tapping [O] Tap to complete: Help!

Now you must wait 10 real-time minutes, but you can speak to Kari right away. When Officer Kengo Terao arrives, say hi and hear the tragic news that Miss Kikue died on her way to the hospital. Terao will then ask you for your help, and you can choose “Express that you will cooperate with investigation” or “Ask to join investigation.” If you go with the second option, you must answer a few questions.

Dragon Raja Kari

Going with the first option, follow Officer Terao to a quiet corner and have a chat. In your quest list you’ll find the mission [O] Inspect the item that Officer Terao gave you, but you must tap the hand icon near you to do so. Speak to Terao again to find out that he is a Cassell College graduate and is aware of your reputation as an S-Grade freshman.

Your task is to collect evidence on the case. Return to the table where everyone was sitting before and check the five coffee cups. Then look at the floor where Kikue was lying down and you’ll get a notice that you’ve finished collecting evidence for this case. Share your findings with Officer Terao and you’ll answer a few questions. Now you must ask Misae, Akira, and Kari the following questions:

  • Name and occupation
  • Relationship to the deceased
  • At the time, you were…?
  • Anything strange?

After interrogating everyone, return to Officer Terao and when the conversation ends, interact with the two reports on the floor. Speak to Terao and check the new report that is on the floor detailing the item list of every suspect. The next step is to combine with Terao to orchestrate a distraction so that you can take a peek into the phones of the suspects – check each one of the three phones that, oddly, are lying on the ground.

Kari seems to be in debt toi some dangerous folks, so tell Terao about it. Apparently, Misae is also hiding something, so we need to go to her home and snoop around. Go to Tokyo and enter Misae’s home (361,444).

Dragon Raja Chrysantemum Tale Guide Officer Terao

Check near the television and choose the answer 270. Inspect the photograph on the ground and the newspaper as well. This should help us, so return to Miss Kikue’s home in Tokyo (258, 345) and tell Officer Terao about the suicide case. Pick up the photo from the ground and you’ll both come to the conclusion that all three suspects had a plausible motive to murder Kikue.

After a few seconds, you have an epiphany and can speak with Officer Terao again. Another quiz pops up with the following question: “Why was there no Phenylpropanolamine found when we tested Miss Kikue’s coffee?” Here are the options:

  • Because there is a mysterious chemical X involved
  • The testing staff must have made a mistake
  • Because we collected the wrong coffee cup
  • Because the Phenylpropanolamine was contained in ice

The correct answer is the last one – beware, because the order of the answers may change. Keep talking with Officer Terao until you get to say, “Special Mark” and “100% chance.” Explore both options and then search the room for that ice cube. Go to the vase behind the pillar and tap the hand icon to interact – if you are having trouble finding the interaction spot, try in front of the word “welcome…,” right behind the sofa chairs (118,115).

Return to Officer Terao to come up with a plan to make Misae admit the blame. Now you have to wait for her to arrive (120,113) – according to EVA, it is during “the dark of night,” but you know how Dragon Raja is very random with its timings. Misae and Terao showed up at 4PM game time in my tale.

Speak to Misae and then to Terao to uncover the truth and end the Chrysanthemum Gold Tale. Your reward is 10 Anecdote points and the Sigh of Fate title. We hope that this Dragon Raja Chrysanthemum tale guide helped you, and feel free to let us know in the comments about any anecdotes that you are still trying to achieve.

Chrysanthemum – Hate is often much more powerful and lasting than love… One has to comment on the irony.

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