Dragon Raja Dream Island Tale Guide | Full Gold Tale Walkthrough

Dragon Raja Dream Island Tale Guide

Dream Island is the name of the 15th Gold Tale for Dragon Raja. It was released on July 16 along with the Heir System update, and side-by-side with the Night Memory Tale. This new short adventure takes you into the heart of an underground gambling organization, as you investigate its mechanics and ulterior motives. There are a few time sensitive moments to it which means that it drags on for a few days, but if it weren’t for that, you should be able to complete it in less than 30 minutes. To trigger this Tale, you must be over level 90 and the server level is 100. Read the Dragon Raja Dream Island Tale guide to help you uncover this mysterious organization.

Dragon Raja Dream Island Tale Guide and Tips

Dragon Raja Dream Island Tale Guide

Dream Island – A game where dreams come true, whoever is the traitor is the winner / We all know that grudges always have a reason

Go to Tokyo to trigger the Dream Island Tale as you get close to the location (268,293) – warning: this is time sensitive, so if it doesn't happen, you have to return at another time. Inspect the spot and then find an unconscious woman nearby, her name is Wendy (268,284). Interact to pick up her personal belongings, then turn around to talk to a man that shows up unannounced. It’s Detective McHale, and he asks for your help to investigate a mysterious organization called Dream Island.

Open your inventory and use Wendy’s Belongings to get an Identity Card and Wendy’s Notebook. Read the notebook to learn about the intricacies of the event, and then use the Identity Card to teleport to the conference hall of the Dream Island game.

When you arrive, talk to the host and show your ID. After he explains the rules, which aren’t exactly clear, speak with Hatoyama to keep things moving. It’s a guessing game where you must choose “Inspect” or “Pass” according to your belief that your rival is carrying an item or not. The competition ends after eight rounds and the team that managed to get more items wins.

Talk to the host to go to the preparation room, where you’ll talk to Kennichi Matsuo, of the Fire Group. In your quest list, click on the “[O] Listen for notification from host” mission to get the game started. Run to the glowing door on the right and interact to enter the Examination Room.

Dragon Raja Dream Island Tale Guide

When inside, speak to Sachiko Kobayakawa of the Water Group. She knows you’re not Wendy, but she strikes a deal with you, and you can choose “Inspect” or “Pass.” Choose “Pass” and talk to her again, but don’t worry if you chose the other option, she’ll tell you about the game anyway. Exit the room through the door ahead of you.

Back in the preparation room, tell Matsuo about your play and watch him go to make his move. He returns after a couple of seconds, go talk to him to see how it went. He should go for another move (“Failed again”), and then he tells you that there’s something on the TV. Unfortunately, it’s the MC host saying that the competition is suspending for two days. Speak to Matsuo (“See you in two days, then?”) and exit via the left door. Bummer!

Go to Tokyo Tower and tell Detective McHale about your findings (27,113). He says that he’ll have something tomorrow and runs away inside (27,65). You can meet him there, but he won’t have anything to say for a few hours, so try again after the usual daily reset.

Back the next day, McHale should have a “!” over his head now, so talk to him. After that, read the report on the bench by his side and chat with him once again, until you can say if you suspect of Sachiko Kozagawa or Kenichi Matsuo. Let’s go with Sachiko, then keep talking to McHale until you receive a call from Kenichi, who wants to meet you right there in Tokyo Tower. Tell McHale about the meeting and then go find Kenichi nearby (35,46). Talk to him and find out that the dude is quite aggressive and threatening you because you don’t want to hand over the ID card.

Go outside and tell McHale about it (27,114). He was almost exposed, but now it’s time for us to sit tight and wait for the next day trigger. You can use Wendy’s identity card to enter the venue, but nothing will come off it yet.

Dragon Raja Dream Island Tale Guide

You’ll know that things are moving again because when you enter the venue, you instantly receive a call from McHale sharing his findings with you. Talk to the host right after to go to the examination room. Head over to Sachiko and after the conversation go across the door to the preparation room, where you'll have a chat with Kenichi. Choose “I'm Wendy's agent, forget the card,” and McHale suddenly shows up in what appears to be a bugged call, telling you to go to Tokyo right away. However, you should talk to Kenichi first, but a bug is probably going to prevent you from doing so – solve this by exiting the room via the big door and reentering right after. Kenichi is being really rude, but let's move on and go to Tokyo (296,524).

Talk to McHale and then use the hand icon to interact on the spot. Watch the video from the Dream Island host and talk to McHale again. Now you have to choose who to focus on: “Vengeful sister” or “Brother with a shady past.” Let's choose the brother, so keep talking with McHale until you can return to the game again using the ID card.

Talk to the host twice to rejoin the game, then speak with Kenichi. Go to the door to enter the Examination Room and say hi to Sachiko. Suddenly, the host announces the results of the game. Exit the room and go back to the main venue to talk with the host. It's confrontation time.

Talk to Sachiko a couple of times and choose to “Spare him” or “He should be taught a lesson.” Your choice shouldn't get in the way of you completing this tale, so pick your favorite. Speak to the host to beat the Dream Island Tale and earn 10 anecdote points and the Most Familiar Stranger title.

We hope that this Dragon Raja Dream Island Tale guide helped you.

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