Dragon Raja Cup of Time Tale Guide | Full Gold Tale Walkthrough

Dragon Raja Cup of Time Tale Guide

What if you could travel back in time and solve the mystery of your lover’s death? Well, now you can with the Dragon Raja Cup of Time Gold Tale. Dig deeper into the relationship of Adele and Bell, discovering why he died and who had motives to do such a deed. There’s some confusion regarding whether this is the 11th or 12th Gold Tale, but in the end that’s not important, as long as you can beat it. As always, there are some requirements for you to trigger this tale, which could be something like player level 90 and server level 95, so don’t try to get to it before its time. One final mention goes to the time sensitive encounters in this Tale, of which there are plenty, so make sure that you bring a substantial dose of nerves of steel before embarking on this journey. As for the rest, we’ve got you covered with this Dragon Raja Cup of Time Tale guide.

Dragon Raja Cup of Time Tale Guide and Tips

Dragon Raja Cup of Time Tale Guide Adele

Cup of Time – I always believe time will tell

Trigger this Gold Tale by opening the world map and going to the Icy Lair. Climb some rocks and interact with the glowing spot (“Investigate the glamorous cup”) to start the adventure (218,147). As soon as you pick up the cup, Adele (also called Adela sometimes) shows up below, so go down and talk to her. Choose the answer “I just wanna find the owner”, as the other good choice is probably locked for you as well, depending on your personality traits.

Speak to Adele again and say “What can I do for you?”. She’ll leave after the conversation and so should you. Adele is now in Siberia Harbor, but you may have to try a few different times because she may not be there right away (163,233). When she finally appears (she was there for me at 8PM in a sunny day, but this is surely going to be different for most players), talk to her and say “How can I help you?”

Adele will mention a grail of blood and going back and forth through time, and to that you can either reply “I understand” or “It’s like save files in the game,” something that apparently has no effect in the quest or personality traits. When you’re ready, tap the interaction icon near the briefcase to read Adele’s notebook, and then talk to her to start time traveling.

You are now inside the Icy Lair in a blurred state. Your task is to interact with the energy sources in the following coordinates: 106,131, then 91,128, and finally 106, 118. Now you must find the Cup of Time anchor point and travel back to your time (99,128). You should know that there’s a four-minute time limit to your actions in this state, and you can only do it once a day, so hurry up.

Dragon Raja Cup of Time Tale Guide Alfred

Speak to Adele once more, saying “Connected successfully” and she gives you a book called “Bell’s record.” Open your inventory and read the book (use) to learn about Adele’s boyfriend, Bel de Briena and his genetic research. After reading, share your thoughts about Bell with Adele.

Travel to the Icy Lair and go to the area with all the computers. Go to the middle of the location and a cup icon will appear, click on it (99,132). You’ll travel to a time when Bell was still alive and standing right in front of you, but before you go and say hi, go talk to Ryan. After that, have a chat with Bell and then interact with the glowing area by his side to check his phone. Reply to the messages until the conversation ends, and then go check the cultivation chamber (106,118).

Suddenly, a battle between a creature and Bell breaks out and you have to watch it for a few seconds. Bell is dead, go examine his body near the computer and choose the following answer: “Someone unleashed the experimental animal on Bel.” You are now back in your own time.

Return to the place in Siberia Harbor where Adele used to be, only to find a new face there, Alfred (165,231). He only shows up at specific times, so if he isn’t there, you must keep trying until you find him – he was there at 6PM once, and 11PM the next time for me.

Dragon Raja Cup of Time Tale Guide

Ask “Who are you?” first and then start a second conversation where you probably should choose “I just wanna help Adele.” Alfred will leave right after, and Adele will hopefully show up where she used to be soon enough. Speak to her by saying “Have you recovered?” and then start another conversation telling her “I found something.”

Before going for another bit of time travel, you can ask Alfred “I wanna know about the grail…” if you want to. Then, talk to Adele and start another journey into the past. Once again, you only have four minutes to find and interact with three key points and then find the exit point. You can open the map to see where you need to go, or use the coordinates: one is 223,256, two is 150,197, and three is 129,92. The exit point is at 184,204.

Discuss your achievements with Adele. “Succeeded!” you say. Go to the previous place (184,204) and the Cup of Time will appear, use it. When teleported, go straight ahead and speak to Kerry (229,257). Let the group leave and move to your next spot (149,197). Follow the footprints until the next glowing spot (201,170), interact, then go down to the seashore and follow the footprints until you find a sneaky man (130,94). Talk to him and then suddenly a shadow strangely looking a lot like Alfred appears and slays the man. Interact with the corpse and reply “The mysterious man on the beach” to end this segment and return to real life.

Tell Adele “I found something” and then ask Alfred “Did you do it?”. Talk with Alfred again to hear his confession, and then back to Adele to another time leap, this time to Cassell College. In four minutes, check the four key points either by using the in-game map or just by following these coordinates: 331, 308, then 298,262, followed by 296,245, and finally 329,404 down by the Cassell College gates. Then, use the anchor point at 330,308 to return.

Dragon Raja Cassell College Helipad

Brief Adele about your experience and then go to the helipad at Cassell College (332,306). Use the Cup of Time for another time leap. Right ahead of you is Adele and Owen, talk to her (330,309). Adele leaves and now it’s up to you to find the other key points in Cassell College. Start by going to 297,263 where you’ll find Adele Gwent chatting with Bell. Talk to her and then move on to the next hotspot nearby where Bel is sitting (297,245). Check Bell’s files and go down to Cassell College’s gates, where Alfred and Owen and standing (329,404). A quick chat with Alfred shows that both men are very keen on protecting Adele.

Return to the helipad and interact with the icon to answer the quiz. Choose “Bel set it up” and you’ll go back to Cassell College present time. Back to Siberia Harbor and to the place in the middle of the trees where Adele likes to hang out with Alfred (163,233). Lay the truth on her and then choose one of the following: “Forgive Alfred”, “Expel Alfred”, or “Need to think about it.” Choosing either forgive or expel will achieve the anecdote title, so pick your favorite.

We have reached the end of this Dragon Raja Cup of Time Tale guide, which rewards you with a Gold Tale, 10 Anecdote points, the TimeTravelWitness title, and the Mr. Bunny’s Dream Moment Frame.

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