Dragon Raja Night Memory Tale Guide | Full Gold Tale Walkthrough

Dragon Raja Night Memory Tale Guide

Welcome to the Dragon Raja Night Memory Tale, one of the new adventures that was added with the Heir System update on July 16, 2020. We’ll label this as the 14th Gold Tale, but you can call it the 15th Tale if you want to, because of the simultaneous release of the Dream Island Tale. Night Memory calls up on your investigative skills, as you try to help a miserable man who is confident that his parents and brothers aren’t what they seem to be. There are some high requirements to access this Tale, but a seasoned Dragon Raja player should have no trouble at all: your character level must be level 96 at least, while the server must be level 100. And now let’s start with the Dragon Raja Night Memory Tale guide, which I may remind you, is based upon personal choice and you may find some different paths along the way. Also, brace yourselves for a few time sensitive tasks.

Dragon Raja Night Memory Tale Guide and Tips

Dragon Raja Night Memory Tale Guide

Night Memory – Everything your eyes see is a false fabrication, everything you feel with your heart is the real truth.

Go to Takamagahara and pick up the glass of wine near the waiter to trigger the Night Memory tale (85,40). Ishida, a bartender, shows up to the side, talk to him until you ask for today’s specialty drink, Illusion. Pick one of the cocktails, such as Night of Memories (you also have The Error of Truth and Illusionary Dream).

A notice saying that the man next to you is drunk pops up, but talk to the bartender again to get your cocktail. The drunk man, Nakamura, asks for another shot, but the situation escalates, and a cop enters the scene. That’s Officer Watanabe. Speak to him and then the cop and the drunk man leave, but he left something behind. Pick it up (78,43) to trigger a minigame where you have to guess three objects and their respective positions, something that you must have played by now.

After completing the minigame, read the notes. It’s a puzzle, and not an easy one at that. It says the following:

“If you’re reading this, it means you’ve already solved the puzzle I left behind. Whoever you are, please help me! I wait at the highest place in Tokyo every morning. Anyone can come along. Please help me…!”

Can you smell that scent of a time sensitive encounter? Finding the highest place in Tokyo isn’t easy, but given EVA’s tip that it is “probably the point overlooking all Tokyo,” perhaps we should pay a visit to Tokyo Tower. Find Akihiko Nakamura, the drunk guy, outside and hear him out (24,114) – in my game he was there at 1PM game time. Choose one of the paths to investigate between Mr. and Mrs. Nakamura or Hide Nakamura. Something that apparently takes you through two different paths. We’ll go with Hide Nakamura

Since your character said “I’ll be there in the morning,” this is bound to be another time sensitive task. Head over to Chizuru (154,139) and see if there are sparkling stars on the spot; if so, the interaction icon should show up. Otherwise, check back during the following day or days until the icon appears.

Dragon Raja Night Memory Tale Guide

When the icon shows up, click on it and Nakamura Hidehito will show up in front of the house. He'll start walking and disappears, but you can find him first near the Ramen stand (118,169). Wait for him to move and then find him close to the shrine (114,210). Then he'll go to the next location, the bus stop (206,243).

After a while you should check your quest list for the “[O] Tap to complete: call from Ake Nakamura.” He'll tell you to check back near his house in Chizuru at night (147,141), which as you may know by now in Dragon Raja, may not entirely correspond in game time. Check the place regularly, trying early and late at night. Interact with the spot and in the vicinity you'll find Hidehito talking to a Rampager.

Approach them and they'll start running, and Officer Watanabe will enter the scene. Talk to him and he'll take you to his home, where a police officer called Jimmy is standing. Say hi to Jimmy and a fight ensues, paving the way for a search for clues. To find one clue interact with the spot (32,36) and complete a minigame. The next clue is a photograph on the table (32,29), and the third clue is right on the floor (35,31), but there's another minigame to solve.

Exit the room and Nakamura should call you right away. Apparently he wants you to return to Nakamura's house in Chizuru at night to do a bit of searching around. Once again, wait for the night to come and then interact with the front door (151,140) to easily sneak in. Snoop around for some clues, beginning with the book on the phone booth (136,122), a book on the floor (130,127), and another book on the computer table (134,126). Then you must use the computer, beat an object guessing minigame, and discover the harsh truth. You may leave now.

Outside, talk to Officer Watanabe (155,149) and expose him like the real fake that he is. He turns into Ichiro Kokubo and says that the real Watanabe is locked up and you have to help him if you want to find the officer. You can choose between “Stop Ichiro Kokubo” or “Help Ichiro Kokubo” at your own risk, but let's go with the latter.

Dragon Raja Night Memory Tale Guide

You'll both teleport to the Funfair. First, talk to Ichiro and then follow him to another place (369,270) – a real follow, not one of those where he disappears in thin air. Another chat and he runs away, leaving you to recreate a scene – in the quest list, press “[O] Set up and recreate the crime scene.”

Talk to Nakamura when he shows up, then to Ichiro, and then revenge happens. Now it's time to ask Ichiro about the whereabouts of Officer Watanabe, and he tells you that he is in the Nakamura's house basement.

Travel to Chizuru and search for that basement, it's the door to the side of the house (159,137). Enter Nakamura's basement and interact with Officer Watanabe's body on the floor. Read his notes nearby (16,17) and then accept the call from EVA in your quest list. Watanabe is dead and now you get two choices: tell Ichiro Kokubo the truth (1) or cover the truth (2). Skip to your preferred option below

(1) Ichiro Kokubo is in Tokyo Tower, so head over there (26,114) – if you can't find him there, try sometime later. Face him until he walks away. Return to Chizuru and walk around for a while, and the tale ending should show up. Apparently, Ichiro Kokubo jumped from the Tokyo Tower, killing himself, as a final note should tell you.

(2) You must find a phone booth and tell the police to watch the area. Go to Cassell College and use a public phone to dial 911. EVA should pick up the call and the quest [O] Call the police should disappear from the list. Return to Chizuru and move around for a while, and the tale should end as the police arrest Ichiro Kokubo.

It's not clear if the ending is bugged or not, but there are opinions that this tale is bugged – early on, choosing to investigate the parents seems to take you to a dead end, but we'll update this if we discover how to proceed.

Beating the Night Memory Tale will reward with the Gold achievement, 10 anecdote points, and the title An Insight Into Truth.

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