Tears of Themis NXX Code Names Guide

Tears of Themis NXX Code Names Guide

Tears of Themis is an otome game that has much more than meets the eye. Behind its looks of romance and detective mix lies a complex game with countless activities and an intricate plot that goes way further than the player character and her relationships with the four leading men: Luke, Artem, Marius, and Vyn. As you solve cases and win trials, eventually you're going to find yourself recruited into the mysterious NXX organization. Everyone there seems to use alias to work undercover, and this is why we have put together this Tears of Themis NXX Code Names guide.

Tears of Themis NXX Code Names List

Tears of Themis NXX Code Names Guide

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The NXX Headquarters is unlocked after completing chapter 04-02 in the main story. This secret base is known only to NXX members, and after giving it some thought you'll become one of them as well. Their task is to analyze individuals and solve anomalies related to X-NOTE cases in carefully planned operations, but in practical terms this means that you get to earn more rewards through various activities.

But this isn't about how to get more Tears of Themis resources. Often you'll see files uploaded by alias that you may not be familiar with, because the members of the NXX must conceal their identities at all times. Here are the Tears of Themis NXX code names for you to make more sense of all the documents that you can read in the headquarters.

  • Main Character code name: Rosa
  • Marius Von Hagen code name: King
  • Artem Wing code name: Libra
  • Vyn Richter code name: Adjudicator
  • Luke Pearce code name: Raven

Hopefully this guide will shed some light on the intricate web that lies within the secret organization. What is your favorite NXX codename, and do you think that it fits nicely with the character?

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