New ReEvolve gameplay trailers show the potential of this sandbox MMORPG

New ReEvolve gameplay trailers

ReEvolve is Perfect World's upcoming sandbox MMORPG that is currently in open beta in China. The new ReEvolve gameplay trailers that you can see at the bottom were released to introduce the beta phase.

Unlike other MMOs where we're left in the dark concerning a release in the west, we have official confirmation that ReEvolve is getting an English release. If you like what you see, save some space in your mobile device because you're going to need it. In case you need further proof, you can see the official English ReEvolve trailer in one of our previous posts, straight from the developer to our hands.

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The new ReEvolve gameplay trailers – which we've merged into one for your comfort – show several features of the anime sandbox MMORPG. The different weather systems have an actual effect on your character, as he or she traverses cold regions, scorching hot areas, or toxic environments.

You can team up with other adventures to combat huge creatures, and the loot that you earn will allow you to evolve. Your costumes can be improved from the basic clothing to a cool sci-fi attire, and your village can also be enhanced.

New ReEvolve gameplay trailers

ReEvolve seems to have this clash of ages feel, as you are thrown into a primitive world and have to struggle to rekindle civilization. It doesn't seem unlike Durango: Wild Lands, although the colorful anime style from Perfect World's sandbox couldn't be further from Nexon's ill-fated dinosaur-ridden adventure.

Recently, Perfect World has opened the North American and English servers for Perfect World Mobile, the cool re-imagining of the classic PC MMORPG, Perfect World International. Torchlight Frontiers is another game that the giant company has in development at Echtra Games, and it is shaping up to be a terrific entry in the Torchlight series. With Diablo 4 gameplay and official talk saying that it is about the solo experience, it could give Torchlight Frontiers more room to shine.

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