Dragon Raja Broken Ties Anecdote Guide | Full Gold Tale Walkthrough

Dragon Raja Broken Ties Anecdote Guide

When aspiring detectives get tangled into a real mystery, it's up to you to get to the bottom of the situation. The new Dragon Raja Gold Tale is called Broken Ties and tasks you with helping a group of fellow puzzle-solving adepts coming to grips with a murder case. This anecdote is available in server level 115, any player of level 90 and above can participate, and thankfully this time you're not subjected to some sort of random trigger based on server time or weather. A word of warning: this quest takes a few days to complete, since there are occasions where you must call it a day and return after the daily reset to continue the quest. Without further ado, here's the in-depth Dragon Raja Broken Ties Anecdote guide to answer all of your questions.

Dragon Raja Broken Ties Anecdote Guide and Tips

Dragon Raja Broken Ties Anecdote Guide

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Broken Ties – Close friends always part with us where Zelan lights are blazing

We'll start this Dragon Raja Broken Ties Anecdote guide by urging you to go to the new city Zelan via the world map. Then, meet a passerby NPC and talk to him (596, 733). He mocks you, saying that you shouldn’t expect any missions from him just because he has an exclamation mark above his head. Leave him alone, and return after the daily reset for a total of three times – this means that you must talk to him once per day until he finally ends up triggering the Broken Ties anecdote.

On the third day, an interrogation mark appears after the same old conversation, so talk to the passerby. During the choices, go with “My gut tells me you must have a mission” to trigger the Broken Ties Gold Anecdote. A conversation about playing detectives ensues and then you must go to your quest list and tap [O] Get to the room for the detective’s gathering.

The wannabe detectives are in a room in Takamagahara. Talk to them and prove that you are worthy by completing a minigame of the guess the three images and their order kind. It’s not an easy one, so good luck achieving your goal. When you’re done, keep talking to the guys until you are asked to investigate a situation – to do so, check your quest list and tap [O] Talk with the owner and confirm the situation.

The woman will tell you that she lost her purse with the ID and cash. Your next move is to tap [O] Check the gathering records to move to the back of the bar and read the surveillance records. Right after, tap [O] Check the security footage on the laptop to somehow travel to the memory of the situation (you can see that by the orange-ish tones.

Tap [O] Find the lady who lost her wallet first, then [O] Follow the lady who lost her wallet to pin…, and finally [O] Find the top suspect, which seems to be Zhao Yu – stay close to him to hear (or read) him confess the robbery. Now it’s photography time, so tap [O] Take photos of the critical evidence, or in other words, snap a pic of Zhao Yu. Now you can tap [O] Shake the device to exit the surveillance records.

Dragon Raja Broken Ties Anecdote Guide

Now that you’re back in real life, go find the goods by pressing [O] Find the wallet that the female owner lost (77,86). Suddenly everything goes black for a second, was it a power shortage? It’s probably nothing, just tap [O] Tell the truth about the theft to confront the thief. Go tell your detective mates about your investigation by tapping [O] Summarize the incident with the teammates until you hear someone crying for help.

Tap [O] Head to where the sound comes from, to go to the adjacent room, apparently someone died in there. That doesn’t seem to stop Natsuki from dancing like crazy, though. Wait for a few seconds for the discussion to unfold, after which you should be automatically teleported to Cassell College.

Strangely enough, there are no new clues or prompts to guide you now, so what can you do? Nothing for now, it seems, you must wait for the next daily reset.

On day 4 of this quest, you should find a new prompt in the quest list, so tap it: [O] Tap to complete: The sin engraved in the heart. You get a comm from a stranger about a murder case. Tap [O] Go to the location specified by the mysterious man, and you’ll find yourself in Zelan once again. After the conversation with the three men, you are teleported back to Takamagahara, and need to tap the [O] Please contact the police. Officer Lee is very efficient, as he pops up a second later.

Now we must aid the investigators to discover who murdered Mei Yanagawa, 26 years old. Tap [O] Check the victim’s file, and you’ll learn more about the murder weapon (a metal knife) and the time of death (between 15:00 and 19:00 yesterday). Tap [O] Confirm the surveillance cameras on the scene, and then [O] Examine the prop box in the room. Now you have to give the information to Officer Lee, so go meet him by pressing [O] Check the information on the box with Officer Lee.

Your next move is to read the diary of the bartender by pressing the respective [O] quest.

Dragon Raja Broken Ties Anecdote Guide

After reading about the bartender’s worries, tap [O] Talk with the passer-by nicely, and then [O] Find the hidden surveillance camera. Once again, you enter the surveillance world, so go to the room with the big box to investigate it. After that, you can return to the real world by shaking your phone or just waiting a few seconds (if playing on PC using an Android emulator).

Once again, talk to Officer Lee to let him in on your findings. However, it looks like he is about to take the passer-by under arrest, but luckily Xu En intervenes and has some clues. Wait for a few seconds and then you can [O] Listen to Xu En’s clue. After the guys have their “bro!” moment, you are teleported back to Cassell College, which means there’s more waiting to do as the team delves further into the mystery.

Since you have to wait until the next real-life day, it’s time to take a look at the clue wall. Press “Q” from the quest list, tap Tale and find the Broken Ties orb. Check the Clue Wall to see what you have gathered so far. The unknown ordinary passer-by is the only real suspect right now, and the clues include the death time, something in the box, a fingerprint, and the camera inside the toy bear.

You can now organize these clues to come up with more information. Place everything on the wall and link the pins of the box and the fingerprint to unravel a new clue. Drag the new clue Murderer used item box to hide the body, and now you can stop reading this guide and return after the daily reset.

On day five of the Broken Ties anecdote, tap the new prompt [O] Tap to complete: Black and White on Fingertip. You get a videocall to go to the location, which you can do by pressing [O] Go to the location specified by Xu En. Tap [O] Exchange with the roommates, and you conjure a plan to make the rally organizer get out of his house to investigate. Drink the aromatic tea from the table in front of you to celebrate the new plan and go out to find a phone booth by pressing [O] Get to the phone booth.

Broken Ties Rally Organizer

When you arrive to the location (314,368) – because there’s just this one phone booth in the entire Tokyo, you know –, wait a few seconds for a call from Xu En. The operation starts, so tap [O] Call with the landline phone in front of you, and dial freely the number 191129. The house is close by (315,378), get in there right away. Xu En and Mr. Lin are in there as well, so talk to the former to decide on what to check. Search his diary (232,253), and more clues in the trashcan. Suddenly, the rally organizer shows up and tells his story, talk to him to clear up the situation. Officer Lee arrives at the scene and the place is becoming crowded, but talk to him, nonetheless.

Go to your Clue Wall to check the new entries: the rally organizer as a suspect, the passer-by’s fingerprint, and the item box transport route. It’s intermission time again, so return the next day for the ultimate revelations and the end of the Broken Ties anecdote guide.

We’re back! You should see the [O] Tap to complete: Gorgeous Turn prompt now, so tap it for a quick comm and approval to visit the passer-by. Tap [O] Go to the investigation room in the police station, where you’ll meet Officer Lee and Mr. Lin. Talk to the latter for a big twist (he is an undercover cop), and then examine the police’s case record on the computer. The passer-by shows up, talk to him a bit, and then leave for Highway 95.

On Highway 95, you meet the team behind the containers. Investigate the remaining traces near them and then you have to go to the Broken Ties tale menu to call EVA for tips. She says that “the critical evidence that we can’t find may be in the blind spot.” Not very helpful when you’re in the desert, but climb to the tallest blue container and find the evidence there. Go back down and tell Officer Lee about it, and follow the guys to the big tree on the other side of the road.

Examine the camera to magically travel back in time, then find a favorable location by tapping the respective [O] quest. After some running, wait a few seconds for Xu En to show up, then go compare the murder weapon. Exit the crime scene, you hear Xu En asking the passer-by for help with the box, and then you return to the present.

Now you should prepare to use your deduction skills. Open the Clue Wall and let’s make sense of the whole affair. It looks like it’s a lot to digest, but with a bit of patience we’ll get to the bottom of this.

Start by cleaning up the entire Clue Wall and get the new suspect, Xu En, in there. Add three clue cards that are related to him: Highway 95 is the first crime scene, and Xu En has been to Highway 95, and the transport route, then connect the first two to unlock a new lead.

Clean the Clue Wall once again, just leaving Xu En in there, and then place the following leads: death time, Xu En has been to the first crime scene, Xu En once invited the passers-by to carry the item box, murder weapon was stained with Xu En’s fingerprint before the crime, and murdered used item box to hide the body. Connect Xu En to all the clues, as you can see in the image below, and tap Confirm Evidence to find the culprit.

Broken Ties Clue Wall

Exit the Clue Wall and talk to Officer Lee. Tap [O] Go to the specified location and capture Xu En, where a fight ensues. After knocking him down and enjoying the lovely and busy metropolis of Zelan, talk to him. He seems to be a in pretty good mood for someone who’s going to jail, as Officer Lee escorts him. Talk to the always bragging passer-by until you are teleported to Cassell College. Tap [O] Tap to complete: Tap to complete the Anecdote, and you finally get your due rewards: 10 anecdote points, 1 Decor Fund Set, and the Homesick Under the Moon title.

We hope this Dragon Raja Broken Ties Anecdote guide has helped you solve this murder mystery.

Broken Ties – The splendor of fireworks is just a symbol of my broken heart

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