Dragon Raja Caged Bird Anecdote Guide | Full Gold Tale Walkthrough

Dragon Raja Caged Bird Anecdote Guide

The tales start coming and they don't stop coming. Any fan of Dragon Raja surely knows that we're talking about the popular anecdotes where you're mostly left at your own luck and deduction skills. On March 2021 the devs added a new Dragon Raja Gold Anecdote that may or may not involve birds in a cage – we're not going to spoil it for you… yet. By the end of the tale you'll have to pray to the gods of random in-game weather events, because you can only proceed if there's rainy weather, but this should be the only drawback. As far as these gold anecdotes usually go, this one is kind of short and straight to the point. Still, there are many opportunities for you to get stuck and lost, so read our Dragon Raja Caged Bird Anecdote guide to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Dragon Raja Caged Bird Anecdote Guide and Tips

Dragon Raja Caged Bird Anecdote Guide Misaki

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Caged Bird – Birds in the cage sing as they praise the distant places.

Go to Tokyo and talk to the frightened girl (626,413). She'll tell you something about a mysterious man called The Bishop and a religious cult. Find the [O] Tap to receive: Notify the college prompt in your quest list and tap it. Talk to the girl again, her name is Misaki. Once again on the quest list, tap [O] Tap to receive: Clues from EVA.

Your next quest is to find suspicious targets in Tokyo, as the quest states. However, you can't use auto-navigation this time, so let's see where you must go. The first spot is near the park where the trucks are (481,80). Misaki is there as well, eavesdropping on the Believers. After they leave, talk to her – she is naturally scared and isn't willing to follow them with you. Instead, let's take her home by choosing the [O] Escort Misaki home mission.

When you arrive at her doorstep, she thanks you and disappears. Right there you'll find an envelope, pick it up by tapping the hand, and read it. Ask EVA for more clues by pressing [O] Tap to receive: Report from EVA. Your clues will streamline the targets from thousands to a mere three, so check their info below:

  • A weak student in Chizuru who became strong in a few days
  • A resident in Tokyo who was missing for two days
  • A Chizuru (?!) resident who saw her grades skyrocket after being missing for one day

Apparently, the mission text is wrong, since one of the houses is in Ehime Prefecture where the collapsed tunnel is, and not in Chizuru. Nice way of misleading players by making a mistake… Besides, you can't go to the houses randomly, you are forced to do it by the order that shows on the mission list, which is Chizuru, Tokyo, Ehime.

We're in Chizuru already, so let's go and check the house near the basketball court (229,195). Knock on the door and someone will attack you, so fend him off. Next, off to Tokyo we go to check on another house (366,491). A young girl appears when you knock, but she's not the one we're looking for. Still, talk to her and after some great detective work you discover a few hints about her friend.

Dragon Raja Caged Bird Anecdote Guide

Finally, travel to Ehime Prefecture and go to the houses near the collapsed tunnel (247,281). Knock and talk to the Lively Girl, who appears to be a normal person after all, she just put a different approach to her studying. Now we have something to tell EVA, so press [O] Tap to receive: Contacting EVA.

Time to go back to Misaki's home in Chizuru (152,227) – interact with the icon to enter. Once inside, there's no sign of her, so explore the house starting with Misaki's diary (231,248). After witnessing some sad past memories, search around for clues. You'll see her phone on the bed, but before you can interact with it you have to press the icon on the floor (233,250). After completing five rounds of a familiar and easy mini-game, choose [O] Tap to complete: Check the phone. Misaki is repenting to Bishop, and they set up a meeting in Tokyo on a rainy night. This last detail is very important, because it really has to be a rainy night, otherwise the anecdote won't progress – it's another time-sensitive event, as many that came before.

Give EVA another call from your quest list. Exit the room and hope for rainy weather (heavy rain, for example) while you run to the park near where you previously eavesdropped the cultists (590,92).

When the duo show up, talk to Bishop. You'll be teleported to another area, a spiritual place, where you'll talk to him again. Wait a few seconds to automatically leave and have a chat with Bishop again. After his confession and dropping dead on the ground, follow the quest [O] Tap to receive: Report to EVA. Suddenly, Misaki appears by your side and she drinks the potion, tired of living as a normal human being. She dies as well and this Dragon Raja gold anecdote reaches its conclusion.

By now you surely have discovered that the cage bird is merely a figure of speech. We hope this Dragon Raja Caged Bird Gold Anecdote guide helped you out. Achieving its ending will reward you with 10 anecdote points and the Bird in Cage title.

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