Dragon Raja Tokyo Guidance Anecdote Guide | Adams Locations

Dragon Raja Tokyo Guidance Anecdote Guide

The Dragon Raja Tokyo Guidance anecdote is one of the most taxing and demanding Tales, and yet it doesn’t give you more than a Bronze medal for your accomplishment. To complete this task, you must endlessly roam the streets and rooftops of Tokyo, in the hope of spotting the Adams locations where these little robots are standing. To make your task easier, we’ve compiled a list of places where the Adams show up regularly. Read our Dragon Raja Tokyo Guidance Anecdote guide below to help you complete this quest and make Eva a happier person… I mean, AI.

Dragon Raja Tokyo Guidance Anecdote Guide and Tips

Tokyo Guidance Adams Locations Anecdote

Go to Principal’s Office and behind the columns there’s a file box (41,49). Open it to get a secret letter called Tokyo Travel Guide. Use it in your inventory to unlock the Tokyo Intel Playbook quest, as EVA tasks you with finding 10 Adams’ in Tokyo. Adams are the robot butlers like the one that you own.

Travel to Tokyo and explore the city to find the Adams. There are 32 of these little robots and they change locations every 15 minutes. They can be found on the streets or the rooftops, so it takes some patience to find them, especially considering the game’s extremely low draw distance.

Roam around for a bit and if you can’t find them all, here are most of the Adams locations to help you out. Have some patience and you’ll eventually find the ten Adams that you need. Remember not to sell the chips that the Adams give you!

  • 107,353 – Rooftops
  • 207,294 – Streets
  • 214,474 – Rooftops
  • 221,417 – Streets, top of bus stop
  • 262,173 – Streets, between MdogOld’s and 96
  • 276,323 – Streets, top of bus
  • 293,242 – Rooftops
  • 329,318 – Rooftops
  • 373,576 – Streets
  • 390,178 – Streets
  • 392,230 – Rooftops
  • 406,588 – Rooftops
  • 424,222 – Rooftops
  • 440,310 – Streets
  • 445,477 – Rooftops, near Eddie the Parkour Tutor
  • 495,368 – Streets
  • 527,542 – Rooftops, up near the antenna
  • 532,312 – Rooftops, top of air conditioner unit
  • 533,141 – Streets
  • 540,478 – Streets, front of Owl Coffee
  • 589,306 – Streets, top of Metro sign (jump twice in a row from the side building until you land on the small square)
  • 589,366 – Streets
  • 597,538 – Streets, top of Metro sign
  • 614,426 – Rooftop
  • 623,511 – Rooftop

When you have collected the 10 Adams chips, return to EVA at the Principal's Office and deliver the quest.

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