Dragon Raja Angel’s Voice Tale Guide | Full Tale Walkthrough

Dragon Raja Angel’s Voice Tale Guide

The Angel’s Voice Tale is another special quest in Dragon Raja. The hints for these quests are very vague and it's very difficult to trigger them to begin with. If you're a completionist and you want every bit of EXP and rewards that you can get, then you need a hefty dose of patience to succeed. Below you'll find all the steps to complete the quest in our Dragon Raja Angel’s Voice Tale guide. A word of warning though – brace yourselves for a time-sensitive mission that differs for many players.

Dragon Raja Angel’s Voice Tale Guide and Tips

Dragon Raja Angel’s Voice Tale Guide McDonalds

Go to Tokyo and find a book near the ingredient shop (590,384). Read the book to trigger the Angel’s Voice Tale, one of the Gold Tales from the orbs surrounding EVA. She will intervene to give you a clue on the whereabouts of Misaki, saying that she is moving toward the riverside in the northwest of Tokyo. However, if you’re quest is moving along just like mine, she is probably standing right next to you, so that’s a bit awkward.

Anyway, talk to angry girl Misaki and choose from the options that pop up. Apologizing or not for peeking, every option is likely to lead to the same outcome, which is Misaki recognizing you and bursting out in a silly dance. You can say if you liked the dance or if “it’s a long story,” and she’ll ask you if she can come and visit you in the Star Studio, before running off.

Well, why not? Go to your recording studio by clicking on Career, Superstar, Goods, Gift, and then press the “+” sign to add a product to craft. When you have something set up, press Produce and you’ll teleport to the Star Studio. Misaki is already there waiting for you, so speak to her until she tells you her story of her dream and orphans. Choose between helping her out (“Okay”) or not (“A little cumbersome”) and then find at the McDonald’s, or MDogOld’s, as it really is in the game (545,431). This is a troublesome time-sensitive task, since Misaki mentioned leaving work at 2AM and I only managed to meet her at 5PM. Go figure.

Dragon Raja Angel’s Voice Tale Guide ending

Speak to Misaki and go to the Tokyo part (564,98), where she is already waiting. Talk to her again for the shortest lightshow in the world, and then speak to Mei, who is close by, and then to Yukiya. Finally, talk to Misaki once more to complete the Silver Angel’s Voice Tale on a positive note.

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