Dragon Raja Voice Bond Tale Guide | Full Tale Walkthrough

Dragon Raja Voice Bond Tale Guide

The Voice Bond Gold Tale is one of the toughest secret quests that you can experience in Dragon Raja. It's an extremely long series of missions about rituals, dreams, witches, and boss battles. One of the main obstacles about it is the number of time-sensitive triggers that are seemingly random, perhaps according to each player's unique personality traits or even weather conditions. Our advice in these occasions is that you frequently return to the place where an NPC or item was supposed to appear, even if this means doing so in the next two or three real-life days. Take a deep breath and dive into our Dragon Raja Voice Bond Tale guide, hopefully with a good enough combat rating to take on the tough final battle.

Dragon Raja Voice Bond Tale Guide and Tips

Tale Guide Hydras

Open the world map and go to Hydras (106,220). Open your wardrobe and change your outfit – wear the Kimono called Glazed Wind, which you obtained through a main story quest. Find the interaction spot near the coordinates above press it to sit down. Wait for a while and you should get a comm from Finger – if not, get up and sit down again until the Voice Bond Tale is triggered. Something big happened, apparently. Access the Tale menu to start the adventure and listen to EVA’s clues.

Go to Cassell College and find Finger, he is quite hidden from sight (190,365). Speak to him and you’ll get four choices, most of them probably locked. Say “What’s wrong?” and hear the news about people falling asleep. Return to Hydras and talk to the Guardian (152,224) – this is another time-sensitive encounter, so it may take you a few tries before you find her.

Speak to the Guardian and follow her manually for a while until you reach a location where things go black and white, and distorted. When you can move again, the Guardian is next to you, so talk to her. The next step is waiting for one in-game hour (ten minutes) and then going to Amaterasu Witch (349,213). After a nice chat about devils, she gives you an Exorcist Bell.

Voice Bond Tale Exorcist Bell

Go to Siberia harbor and walk around the huge Christmas Tree until you find an interaction icon with the Exorcist Bell (251,217). This is another time-sensitive action which happened to me at 10AM but try other times as well. Everything goes black and white and you see a Vera mirage walk on by. You can choose “Ignore” or “Vera?! Follow her,” and we instinctively picked the second option.

Close by (187,235) you’ll find a little girl being threatened by a big, bad wolf. Talk to her and attack the wolf, which suddenly turns into a few more, but nothing to be worried about. When you have defeated him, some priest shows up and gives the little girl a zap. Go to her and check her condition, an action that teleports you to your home, where you started the game.

The Guardian, Mio, is standing right there. Speak to her and agree on going with her to Tsukuyomi Prison. Find the Amaterasu Witch (84,79) and talk to her. After the conversation, follow the Witch and Mio and talk to the former again – you have to enter the dream and save Hotaru, the little girl. The three choices are pretty much the same and only affect your personality, so accept your mission and help Hotaru.

Tale Guide Hotaru

You must return to the dream, but to do that you need to return to the Christmas Tree at Siberia harbor where you used the Exorcist Bell. If you keep doing it and no interaction icon shows up, try to go to Hydras and speak with the Amaterasu Witch (353,212). She isn’t always there because reunions and stuff, so check back at different times to meet her. Talk to her until she takes you next to where Hotaru is lying down, and then try the Christmas Tree action again (this worked for me at 10AM).

Get to the place as you previously did and press the bell icon to be transported to Paradisio Outskirts. Hotaru is standing close by (86,24), so talk to her. You choose one reply and then split up in order to find three items: the first item is God’s Festival, down the first set of stairs (93,83); the second item is the Blue Floral Diary, find it near the big golden cat statue (109,82); when you pick this up, everything goes black and white – go down the stairs and keep going until you find Hotaru next to the third and last item, a Red Magatama (41,98).

You’ll find yourself once again transported to your home in Siberia Harbor, with Vera standing next to you. Speak to Vera and then follow her outside and to the left, she is next to the swing. She spins around a bit and then disappears into thin air, so you’re free to return to the Hydras and find the Amaterasu Witch (353,212) – talk to her and say “Magatama,” then “Give out Gods’ Festival,” and finally choose “Okay” to return to the Temple of Decrees in Tsukuyomi Prison.

Dragon Raja Voice Bond Tale Guide Boss Battle

After arriving, you’re in dream state, so go meet Mio and Hotaru to witness a scene. When it is over, return to the Christmas Tree in Siberia Harbor to ring the bell once more… whenever it is possible – this time, the icon showed up for me at 10PM. Use it and you’re transported to the beach at Chizuru, as Hotaru stares into the sea. Speak to her choosing your preferred answers and then follow her until she disappears. Cross the yellow barrier (107,188) and pick up the item God’s Festival 2.

Run to the other side of the water (107,212) and interact with the Ema Board, picking up a Red Floral Diary. Everything changes once again and after a while, a dark shadow (Ichiro Aiba) is going to attack you. When the shadow’s energy is in half, Hotaru appears close by during the fight and calls you – click on her for some brief protection. This is crucial because defeating the monster without her help caused my mission to halt, as the end of the battle caused Hotaru and Ichiro to stare at each other without unlocking the next step.

If this issue happened to you, there are two choices: the recommended one is to return the next real-life day and click the [O] continue your quest on the mission list to go back to mirage Chizuru; the other, more troublesome option is to return via Exorcist Bell, something that could take ages and tons of luck.

After defeating the monster, Hotaru runs away and so should you – go near the barrier where you grabbed an item before and pick up a mannequin (117,189). This action teleports you to your Siberia Harbor home, but you won’t be doing anything here. Go to the Tale menu and give EVA a call – she tells you to take the red mannequin item to the Amaterasu Witch at the usual Hydras location. Click on the witch and say, “This mannequin…” and “Give out God’s Festival.”

Hotaru Mio Heaven

Give EVA another call to hear that you must return to the mirage by using the Exorcist Bell at the Christmas Tree (10PM this time for me). You’ll appear in Ehime Prefecture, close to Mio. Help her up and speak to her so that she runs away. Follow her to the top of the hill (202,377) and interact with the mountain rock. At the altar, wait for the cutscene to end and say, “Do something” to begin a boss battle. This stage is comprised of three fights and if you can’t begin the subsequent battles, look for the trigger in your quest list.

When you succeed, you’re back in Siberia Harbor with Vera close by, so talk to her. Will you be her date? And will you stay forever with her? Any of the choices is going to take you to mirage heart, a lovely heavenly place with a piano and a huge portal. Speak with Ichiro and then stand next to Hotaru to activate the red mannequin icon. Mio Aiba will come running and runs away with Vera – “Do nothing” or “Vera! Follow her!” Choose the latter and pick up an ice flower (164,125). Vera comes through the door, so talk to her for a heartfelt last goodbye.

Back at the Siberia Harbor home, it’s time to return to the Hydras for another chat with the Amaterasu Witch. Say “Hotaru” and you’ll be taken to Tsukuyomi Prison for the last part of the Voice Bond Tale. Approach Mio and press the interaction item to put down the red magatama. There’s an item shining on the table, read it and then go to the other side of the house where the Amaterasu Witch stands (77,76). Speak to her and listen to the end of the story. Wait for a last question about your past which is going to affect your personality stats, and the Gold Tale Voice Bond is finally over.

If you encountered any issues with this Dragon Raja Voice Bond Tale guide, let us know in the comments and we'll do our best to clear your doubts.

Dragon Raja Voice Bond Tale Guide Ending

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