Dragon Raja Warm Menus Tale Guide | Full Tale Walkthrough

Dragon Raja Warm Menus Tale Guide

Preparing a delicious dish for a homeless man, how's that for a secret Dragon Raja mission? This is what you'll be doing in the Warm Menus Tale, another one of those hair-tearing experiences where things never seem to go smoothly. Even with a guide, luck and persistence play a big role in this and the other tales, so make sure that you have the availability to keep checking the same locations at different times. One more warning: the Warm Menus Tale is only available if you have unlocked the Cuisines career, even if you haven't made any progress whatsoever. Read the Dragon Raja Warm Menus Tale guide below for all the info that you need.

Dragon Raja Warm Menus Tale Guide and Tips

Dragon Raja Warm Menus Tale Guide Tramp Trigger

Go to Chizuru and find a tramp at the corner near the basketball court (233,166). Try at different times and under various weather conditions because this is another one of those seemingly random events.

Speak to him and hear his story. Apparently, he was a top bad guy and misses the food from those days. He has a recipe book but he doesn’t know how to read, so you’ll have to go and say “Let me make the make the dish of your dreams,” triggering the Warm Menus Tale.

Connect with EVA to hear her clues, which mentions meeting a spices vendor in Chizuru early in the morning. Pick up the booklet with the recipe from the book pile next to the tramp and go to Tomie Miura to purchase some ingredients (169,212). Buy one of each: vegetables, honey, and tofu.

Dragon Raja Warm Menus Tale Guide Jugger Secret Merchant

Next you must find Jugger, the secret merchant (108,218), who according to EVA likes to show up early in the morning. Perhaps this is true to some players, but for others he shows up at random times. In my game he appeared at 6PM and under heavy rain, so his business sense must be a bit off-track. Anyway, talk to him and hear his story, getting the special seasoning item at the end.

When this ordeal is over, travel to Tokyo and find another time-sensitive NPC, Koshi Uesugi (325,419). Talk to him and choose Heart-Warming recipe, automatically giving him the ingredients. He tells us to return later, so we don’t have other choice but to wait between five and ten minutes – no need to leave, the exclamation mark will show up when the dish is ready. Ask him for the Crazy Hot Pot dish and return to Chizuru.

Find the homeless man that triggered this quest and deliver the delicious dish to finish the Warm Menus Tale. Apparently, he won’t be there under heavy rain or snow, so try again during sunny weather. The tramp was there again at 9AM with the sun shining bright, so talk to him to deliver the dish, finish the Silver Tale, and get the Crazy Hot Pot recipe as a gift.

Dragon Raja Warm Menus Tale Guide Ending

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