Dragon Raja Music Box Tale Guide | Full Tale Quest Walkthrough

Dragon Raja Music Box Tale Guide

Dragon Raja Tale quests are some of the trickiest and head-scratching missions in this amazing MMORPG. While you can level up most of the time by completing quests in auto mode, these impressive puzzles sometimes called Anedoctes barely give you any clues as where to go or what to do. In fact, even triggering Tales is quite a challenge that only luck, persistence or guides can overcome. The Music Box Tale is one of the most cryptic, challenging, and touching quests available, and one that many players are struggling to beat. Our Dragon Raja Music Box Tale guide will hopefully clear all your doubts and help you to help a couple of stranded souls. Be on the lookout for coordinates to find the most important locations without any trouble.

Dragon Raja Music Box Tale Guide and Tips

Dragon Raja Music Box Tale Door

To trigger the Music Box Tale you have to go to Cassell College, near the basketball court. To the left, near the phone booth and the benches is a door which you must approach (213,471). After you climb the short flight of stairs, you’ll hear someone shouting from the inside – knock on the door, and he will ask for help, saying that he is locked inside. Your new task is to find a way to open the door by any means possible.

Head over to the library and look out for the bookcase with the big red magic circle. Go to the second bookcase to the right (“Magic”), click on it and read a book called “Unlock Your Unlocking Skills”. Next, return to the door and click the book to use your newfound lockpicking skills. Arnoia is the guy who was locked inside, and he will come out running. Apparently, the college security saw you lockpicking the door and wasn’t too fond of it, so your next step is to beat the two guys to a pulp, logically. Go back to Arnoia and talk to him, and he will run off.

Music Box Arnoia Backgarden

Go to the garden behind the main Cassell College building, where Arnoia is now standing near a tree (226,164). Speak with him and he’ll ask for your help retrieving a music box before he runs away once again. Return to the library and you’ll find the music box on the floor, right next to the “Geography” bookcase. But things aren’t as easy as you might think, because there are some specific conditions in this quest that you’ll discover soon.

Grab the music box and you’ll witness a memory fragment from Arnoia and Lisha. After that, go to the bookcase on the right (“Magic”) and click on it. Pick a book called “List of Missing Persons.” You’ll discover that the couple has been reported missing. Place the book back and speak with Professor Manstein, who has just appeared and is his usual strict self.

Music Box Location Library

Now you’re starting the tricky part of the Music Box Tale. Exit the library through the main door and walk until you go down the stairs and find this quaint little terrace with sunshades, where two waiters are standing by. You’ll see two people talking about Arnoia and Lisha before they head off. The tricky part here is that you must sit in one of the chairs and hope that the waiter brings you a drink, triggering a new Lisha’s memory.

Getting the waiter to serve you is the challenging part. He only moves at specific times and it seems to be a bit random. One thing is for sure, if he doesn’t start moving when you sit, you can get up and try again. I’ve managed to get the drink on a Sunny day with temperate weather between 6:00 AM and 10:30 AM, so if something doesn’t work for you, try an hour later or the next day. Apparently, it has to be sunny, but it’s impossible to know for sure, and the afternoon could also trigger it for some players. Furthermore, I was served a duck dinner the first time, so luckily, I managed to get the all-important Expired Carbonated Water on the second time. Spoiler: don’t drink it, treasure it like it’s the last drink on Earth!

Dragon Raja Music Box Tale Waiter Drink

If you have succeeded, your next move is to find Arnoia once again. He is on the outside (356,313). Talk to him and then talk to Manstein, until you can press the new EX interaction to unseal the box. Speak to Arnoia and Manstein once more, and then find the former in the library. Go there and comfort Arnoia until he mentions seeing the aurora together and runs away.

The final part of the quest takes you to Siberia Harbor, where you must run up to the lighthouse. While up there, check the weather report and see when the aurora is expected to happen. When the time comes, Arnoia will be watching the aurora and the Music Box Tale quest ends right after you speak with him. Touch the music box on the floor to read the last message from the couple.

Dragon Raja Music Box Tale Aurora Ending

The fate of the two lovers was incredibly sad, but it was all worth it in the end since they are finally together. To see your Tale quests progress, click on the “Q” to the right of the quest list and choose Tale.

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