Dragon Raja Midnight Voice Tale Guide | Full Tale Walkthrough

Dragon Raja Midnight Voice Tale Guide

That Dragon Raja successfully mixes several influences is a known fact. You get to explore a world brimming with anime, Eastern, and Western influences, tempered with a very particular mythos that is charming players worldwide. But you may have noticed that there are some horrific passages as well, with chilling nods to Japanese and Korean horror. One of those nods is the Midnight Voice Tale quest, where you’re going to meet a creepy supernatural girl who seems to be trapped for all eternity inside a secret room. While she should be left well enough alone, we ventured forth and met this solitaire child. Read our Dragon Raja Midnight Voice Tale guide if you want to feel a chill down your spine.

Dragon Raja Midnight Voice Tale Guide and Tips

Dragon Raja Midnight Voice Tale Guide Elevator

Contrary to the Music Box Tale or the Supernatural Tale, the Midnight Voice Tale isn’t a gold Tale. It is instead a Silver Tale, which means that you won’t see it being triggered in one of those “unknown” orbs floating around Eva. Still, it’s another Tale that the best Dragon Raja players will want to beat, so let’s get started.

Go to Colby’s breeding room (the one where you raise your affinity with him) and exit to the passageway. Return to the elevator and at 0AM exactly (midnight, hence the Midnight Voice title) press the elevator button and choose Go Upstairs. If you didn’t mess with the time or got lucky, you’ll find yourself in a new secret room, and a pretty creepy one at that. It may take a few tries (sometimes four or five) and it doesn’t hurt to try different things or times, such as having vision/second sight activated while pressing the elevator button. After some spamming, you’ll eventually get into the room.

The next quest step is to approach the television and turn vision on. If everything goes well, you’ll see some footprints next to the TV. However, this is a task that seems to be time-sensitive or may even be correlated with each character’s traits (Cutie, Realistic, Fully Focused, and so on). So, the exact time is probably different for each player. My suggestion is that if you don’t see the footprints, try the next day at different hours and you’re likely to end up finding them.

Dragon Raja Midnight Voice Tale Guide Secret Room

When you see the footprints, touch them and the TV will glow, enabling you to investigate it. Three prompts will come up: “No Sadako Yamamura in the TV, I guess”, “Switch channels”, and “Turn the TV off.” Choosing the first option will show a message saying that the television went dark and started shaking violently. The result is that you’re kicked out of the room, and the result seems to be the same for any of the three prompts, so it’s all good.

Make your way back into the room, once again pressing the elevator button until it finally happens (activate vision just in case, seems to help). Now the footprints are in the room to the left – you can touch them, and then touch the glowing shoes to get the option to wear the shoes on the right or the shoes on the left. Choosing either one gives you the “Go Deeper” quest, which means that you must continue the investigation. However, there isn’t much that you can do but wait, sadly.

The Midnight Voice Tale is once again a trial of patience as you wait for events to trigger. All that you must do is stand on the smaller room next to the card boxes and face the empty wall or return to the room at different times in the hope that things will be set in motion. The important detail here is that you should keep using vision until the creepy girl spawns next to the wall – for me, this happened at 10PM, but there are other reports mentioning 4AM, although it feels random.

Secret Room Creepy Girl

She is going to ask you if you “Will you stay here with me?”, which isn’t terrifying at all. You can reply “I’ll play with you forever”, “Okay”, or “Don’t.” The first answer kicks you out of the room with a spooky tape in your inventory and your memory scarred for life. The purpose of the tape is yet unknown, but the “do not watch alone at night” warning isn’t comforting.

This is how the Midnight Voice Tale ends, and hopefully you’ve managed to complete it without many hours of waiting for seemingly random events to happen.

Dragon Raja Midnight Voice Tale Guide Ending

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