Dragon Raja Under the Dome Tale Guide | Full Tale Walkthrough

Dragon Raja Under the Dome Tale guide

Under the Dome is another Tale quest that you can trigger in Dragon Raja. As always, it comes with several tasks that are far from obvious, but the most persistent players are surely going the extra mile to complete them. This time you’re in for a tale about a young girl who is imprisoned by a demon and his older, helpless brother Saturn. Everything begins with a few drink offerings, but soon you’re going to unravel a dark and twisted tale that hopefully is going to end well. Read our Dragon Raja Under the Dome Tale guide below to find out about every little step.

Dragon Raja Under the Dome Tale Guide and Tips

Dragon Raja Under the Dome Tale Guide Saturn Start

Go to Cassel College near the basketball court and talk to Saturn (283,449). He says that he needs water and food, but apparently he is too lazy to use the walking vending machine that goes by him every minute or so. It’s out task to go to the walking vending machine and purchase pure water – if you can’t get that drink, head over to the other vending machines (277,439) and manually pick pure water. Go back to Saturn and give the water to him, and the ungrateful guy will run off without even saying thank you.

Now where did he go? Find him near the terrace (190,413) and ask if he needs money. Give him 1,000 gold because you’re just cool like that and chat with him again until he runs away once more. This time you’ll find him chilling on a park bench in front of the basketball court (249,438), so go there and have another chat. Say “Are you okay” and give him a bottle of orange juice or go purchase it if you don’t have any.

Guess what? Saturn disappears once again, how unexpected. This time he is close by, near the door where you triggered the Music Box Tale (224,472). Go see him and if you can reply “I’ve been looking for you,” it will save you the next step; otherwise, give him another drink, pure water will do, and off he goes. Find him nearby (198,434) and give him a bottle of Oolong Tea.

Ai-Chan Hidden Cave

You’ll then be teleported into a hidden cave where his sister Ai-Chan stands imprisoned and definitely not looking good (6,21). Check the object on the floor and gain a Dragon Scale in the process. Open your inventory and use the Dragon Scale.

Return to Cassell College and find the Staff of Alchemy Dept. NPC (133,423) by the library entrance. Speak to him to gain a Suppressant item and return to the hidden cave by talking to Saturn again (198,434). When you get close to his sister, the icon of the Suppressant vial appears, so click it and talk to Saturn. She feels better, but the effect won’t last long.

Your next stop is the Icy Lair, where you’ll find an orange circle on the ground (182,100). Activate your vision and a big horned demon appears. Speak with it until you get two options: kill it or let it go. Any choice will do, although the first one will spare you from a short detour. For choice two, when the demon disappears take the steps that you need to return to the hidden cave (find Saturn at Cassell College). Meet Saturn and his sister and prepare for a shock: the bad situation remains bad – who would have thought that trusting demons wasn’t the way to go? But you do get a hint about Siberia Harbor, so head over there right away.

Under the Dome Tale Demon

Find the circle once again (166,233) and summon the demon with the vision ability. No forgiveness this time – destroy Jarvis (yes, that’s the demon’s name) and return to Saturn at Cassell College once again. Hopefully this time the circle is gone, and Saturn’s sister is finally free from harm.

Great news, everyone! Saturn says that the circle vanished, and his sister Ai-Chan wants to see us. We teleport to the hidden cave where we’ll find her once more. She looks cute without those devilish eyes, that’s for sure. Speak with Saturn so that she goes home, but apparently her parents hate her and she doesn’t want to go home. So, what can we do, and just who the hell are her parents?

Travel to the Hydras and find Mr. and Mrs. Fujiwara (303,199). Talk to him and see how he doesn’t believe that their daughter is cured, pretty much shooing you away, the fools. Go to the Principal’s Office and talk to Anjou, who will give you the amnesia dust, also called memory powder. The next step is to return to Ai-Chan’s parents at the hydras and talk to them until the option to use the memory powder pops up. One more chat and you have reunited a very happy family, although one with a severe case of memory loss. Oh well, it’s for the best.

This is the end of the Dragon Raja Under the Dome Tale guide, we hope that you managed to complete it.

Dragon Raja Under the Dome Tale Guide Walkthrough Ai-Chan

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