Dragon Raja Supernatural Tale Guide | Full Tale Walkthrough

Dragon Raja Supernatural Tale Guide

Supernatural is the name of another Dragon Raja Tale. In case you don’t know what these tales are, let me tell you that they are extremely difficult quests where you can’t resort to auto-pathing, and there is very little in the way of hints to help you out. Sometimes these quests require a certain weather or hour to trigger an event, but there doesn’t seem to be a single answer in these situations, so if you can’t do something at a given time, try again later or the next in-game day. Below you’ll find a Dragon Raja Supernatural Tale guide to make sure that you don’t miss a thing in this story of hybrids and conspiracy.

Dragon Raja Supernatural Tale Guide and Tips

Dragon Raja Supernatural Tale Guide Sneaky Man

Whenever needed, we’ll leave the coordinates so that you don’t find any issues going to an important location or NPC. This is the golden rule that you must abide by, otherwise you would spend countless hours scouring the maps in search of clues or quest triggers.

To start the Supernatural Tale you must go to Takamagahara and meet this sneaky man in the corner (116,58). Talk to him and say “Who are you? What are you investigating?” It’s unclear if the other choices have other effects, but most likely they will all yield the same result. After triggering the Tale and hearing Eva’s tips, go to Chizuru and find Kuroko Matsuo (157,200), talking to him twice.

Return to Takamagahara to talk to the waiter (84,40). He’ll suggest you play some sort of coffee guessing game, which you must accept. Even if you fail, you can try again, so do it until you get the two or so right answers. Keep talking to the waiter so that he starts babbling about myths and when the dialogue options appear, choose “Interesting. I’m going to Chizuru!” But before leaving, address the waiter once again and he’ll suggest a special drink with a discount – “just $100,” he says. Buy it without flinching, because there are reports that he only offers the drink at special in-game hours, something that is getting some players stumbled in this tale.

Dragon Raja Supernatural Tale Guide Waiter Special Drink

With the drink safe in your inventory, go to Chizuru and meet a Rampager that is near the basketball court (233,174). Talk to him and offer the drink, because he asked so politely (not). Keep talking and then say, “What happened?” – the other option forced me to go get another drink from the waiter in Takamagahara and give it once again to the Rampager, so that he could spill the rumors of zombie corpses.

Still in Chizuru, return to Matsuo and talk to him until you get to choose the “Tell the rumors” option. Then, walk a bit until you meet Ms. Nagai (204,215). She’ll talk about the garbage dump, so go find it (167,225) and rummage through it to pick up a cardboard box. In your inventory, open the box (use) to get an empty vial.

Dragon Raja Supernatural Tale Guide Yoshino

Next, go to Sumeru Throne and give the empty vial to Haruki Yoshino (113,121) so that he can test it for residues. Surprise, surprise, the vial contained a powerful Death Servitor Serum. Go back to Chizuru to tell the news to Matsuo. He’ll head off and leave you to find more clues, something that you do by going to the house near the basketball court (238,213). Use your vision to investigate the tag, and suddenly Matsuo pops up right next to you. Speak to him and choose to go with him to the secret lab.

Talk to Kuroko Matsuo until you trigger a fight with Shinya Matsuo. Destroy him and talk to Kuroko Matsuo once again to finish the Supernatural tale quest. No, Matsuo, it’s not your fault, kids can be a pain sometimes.

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