Mir 4 Those Tainted by Demonic Energy Guide | Myriad Needle Mystery Quest

Mir 4 Those Tainted by Demonic Energy

Humans turning into demons seems to be a recurrent theme in Mir 4. Luckily, we may be strong enough to take out these foul creatures, if your combat rating is anything to be proud of. In this Mystery Quest you're going through the usual bouts of investigating, fighting, and discovering secret places. With the help of this Mir 4 Those Tainted by Demonic Energy guide, one more Mystery Quest from the Myriad Needle chain will be solved for good.

How to Unlock Mir 4 Those Tainted by Demonic Energy Mystery Quest

Mir 4 Those Tainted by Demonic Energy Guide Myriad Needle Mystery Quest

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To unlock the Those Tainted by Demonic Energy Mystery Quest you must complete a couple of Crystalline Forest Request missions. The first one is called Demonic Cult's Power and Demons and tasks you with eliminating tons of creatures in Crystalline Forest to collect 300 Blood for Research.

This unlocks the second Request, which is called Rumors about the Demonic Cult Leader – Find the Flower Tinged with Demonic Energy. Auto-move to the location and when you stop right before the stairs, look up and to the  right side, you'll see the orange glow marking the goal. Climb and gather it to unlock the Mystery Quest.

Mir 4 Those Tainted by Demonic Energy Guide and Tips

With nine clues to decipher, the Those Tainted by Demonic Energy walthrough isn't the longest one. However, there are a few moments where you may feel lost while looking for an NPC or a hidden place. We'll guide you through all those complicated moments.

Clue 1:

Bicheon Castle seems to be full of ridiculous rumors about Princess Cheonpa. Are those wings really a curse? How can I help Princess Cheonpa? It's foolish to believe rumors, but some carry truth. I shouldn't discount them. Let's go listen to what people say

Move to Bicheon Town (not Bicheon Castle as the clue says) and talk to Wi Myeong-ok, the girl near the dock and close to the potion merchant – open the map and there's a purple marker showing her exact location.

Clue 2:

It's said that the Mount Tai Sect disciple, Gunhun, is looking for someone cursed by the dragon… Could it be Princess Cheonpa? No, Princess Cheonpa is not cursed. It can't be her. Hmm… I'd better ask him personally

Time to go find Gunhun on Bicheon Town as well. Open the map and you'll find that he's on the lower left area of the town, so go talk to him.

Clue 3:

What? Turned into a dragon by the dragon's curse? Does that person also have wings on their back? I have to look into this. It may be helpful for Princess Cheonpa. I should go to Bicheon Valley

Step three will take you to Bicheon Valley 1F to a quick conversation with Fervid Miner Gwak Cheong. He's on the top right side of the map, you'll see the purple marker as soon as you enter the region. You need to make a little double jump to reach the NPC.

Clue 4:

Before coming to Bicheon Valley, I should've thought about how I would distinguish a cursed human from a real demon… I should first find someone who speaks the same language

Talk to Fervid Miner Gwak Cheong and get ready for the next clue.

Clue 5:

A waterfall in the south and a cave behind it! Wow, that's really well hidden. He sounded so urgent that I couldn't ask about the demon with the dragon's curse. I should ask him after retrieving its satchel

This clue is a bit cryptic but it's not that hard. In the same Bicheon Valley 1F region, move to the south and right until you reach the area with all those lovely Darksteel mining rocks and the players going crazy about it. You'll see a waterfall there and now you must double jump on it to find a cave behind. Walk to the green glow and interact with it to trigger a battle.

Clue 6:

Were they hurt by the Demonic Cultist Mad Healer Pung's experiments, and not the dragon? How could a healer do this to healthy people? How terrible! I'm glad that Mad Healer Pung is dead. I should deliver this Mineral Satchel to Gwak Cheong and ask about Purified Silver

Back to Fervid Miner Gwak Cheong and talk to him again.

Clue 7:

To think that it's more valuable than gold… Gwak Cheong looks so happy that I can't ask him to give me his Purified Silver. I need much more than he has, anyway. I should get it myself by killing demons…

Killing demons? Go ahead and do it in the middle of this map, on the area with the yellow circle. Kill enough of them as to collect 50 Purified Silver.

Clue 8:

He told me to come to the Luminous Altar in the north. He means north of that puddle, I guess. When building an altar, people choose its location very carefully… I should also check places Air Walk will get me. I should see something shiny

Where is that Luminous Altar? Still in Bicheon Valley 1F, but to the top left area. Go there but don't enter any of the two portals; instead, climb the rocks to the right twice until you reach the green glow, as the image below shows. Run to it to trigger a cutscene and… Oops! Another battle begins.

Mir 4 Those Tainted by Demonic Energy Guide Myriad Needle Mystery Quest Luminous Altar

Clue 9:

What if Purified Silver can really return a human-turned-demon to their original self? If it can… It may work on Princess Cheonpa, too… No, I shouldn't let my expectations get away from me. Let's focus on what I can do

Winning the battle will end the Those Tainted by Demonic Energy Mystery Quest.

And that's the end of our Mir 4 Those Tainted by Demonic Energy guide. We hope this helped you clear all the obstacles and find the solution for every clue without any issues. Don't forget to check our other Mir 4 Mystery Quest guides.

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