Mir 4 Overambitious Father Guide | Myriad Needle Mystery Quest

Mir 4 Overambitious Father Guide Myriad Needle Mystery Quest

Are you looking for a Mir 4 Overambitious Father mystery quest guide from the Myriad Needle chain quests? We have it right here, allowing you to complete this short but not always easy mission without wandering around for long. While some of these adventures have very obvious tips and pointers, others throw in a confusing or somewhat vague clue that may get you lost for hours or even days. This Overambitious Father walkthrough will spare you the trouble.

How to Unlock Mir 4 Overambitious Father Mystery Quest

Mir 4 Overambitious Father Mystery Quest

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To unlock the Overambitious Father mystery quest from the Myriad Needle chain you must complete a chain of four Bicheon Castle Request missions, starting with Clandestine Investigation 1 and up to Clandestine Investigation 4. Completing the fourth request will trigger the Overambitious Father Mystery Quest.

Mir 4 Overambitious Father Mystery Quest Guide and Tips

Some fathers just want the best for their kids, even if that means turning them into grotesque monsters that would make the Hunchback of Notre Dame look like a gorgeous man. But before that amazing showdown you'll have to do a bit of running and killing, business as usual. Here is the Overambitious Father solution in very succinct explanations.

Clue 1:

I should talk to the people at the docks and see if I can help them

Go to Bicheon Town and talk to the NPC Jang Baeksan, who is signaled by the purple icon near the middle of the map.

Clue 2:

I should ask people in the area

Talk to Jaesung who is nearby, right on the dock.

Clue 3:

I should get a Wildecat's Tailbone to persuade him to talk more.

Now where could we get that? Easy, just exit this small village and nearby you'll find the creatures called Burglarcat and Mugger Cat. Attack them until they drop 10 Wildecat's Tailbones. After getting them you must talk to the fisherman Jang Baeksan again.

Clue 4:

I should go ask Tycoon Saeyul.

It's time to open the map and browse the NPC lists to find this Saeyul. He is in Bicheon Castle, so travel there. Talk to him to unlock the next clue.

Clue 5:

Where can I find Blackfire Executor Hakhan?

This is a very tricky one, as the Blackfire Executor Hakhan isn't an NPC and you have to travel a long way to find him. You may remember him or some NPC may give you the vital clue stating that it is on [Elite] Necropolis Nefariox 2F, so go there. The boss may not be there at the time and you have to wait for it to spawn. Check the image below to find the boss' location where the character marker is.

Mir 4 Overambitious Father Guide

Clue 6:

Let's head back to Tycoon Saeyul

Pretty self-explanatory, just make your way back to Tycoon Saeyul in Bicheon Castle and talk to him.

Clue 7:

Tycoon Saeyul told me to come to his manor. The biggest house after going up the stairs on the opposite side.

Thank you for the invitation! Go up the stairs as shown in the cutscene and enter through the door just by running through it. When inside, walk to the glowing point to trigger a conversation. Then a fight against Hoyul starts, finish him to move to the next clue.

Clue 8:

But losing is not an option for me.

You won, so talk to Saeyul who is right next to you. He'll give you something and ask you to go away, hoping never to cross paths again. That's the end of the Overambitious Father quest, claim your rewards from the Mystery menu and you're done.

We hope this Mir 4 Overambitious Father guide helped you with this short mystery quest from the Myriad Needle chain. We have more mystery quest guides for you, so don't forget to look them up here.

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