Mir 4 A Proposal Gem Guide | A Noble Cause Mystery Quest

Mir 4 A Proposal Gem Guide A Noble Cause Mystery Quest

Things are getting tough in Mir 4 with the A Noble Cause Mystery Quest chain. For this A Proposal Gem quest, you'll need to face a demon that is level 66, so you'd better step up your game or bring a full party of five to the epic showdown. Before that, there's a clue where you must make a blind jump to a secret location, but we'll clear that up for you in the following Mir 4 A Proposal Gem guide. But first and foremost, you need to learn how to unlock the A Proposal Gem Mystery Quest, so let's get to it.

How to Unlock A Proposal Gem Mystery Quest

Mir 4 A Proposal Gem Guide A Noble Cause Mystery Quest

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To unlock the A Proposal Gem mystery quest from the A Noble Cause chain, you must complete a couple of Bicheon Town Requests in order. The first one is called For the Greater Good and asks you to Collect Tamer's Whip x240. After accepting this quest you must move to [Elite] Nefariox Necropolis 1F and manually move to the middle of the map, where the blue circle is located. It indicates the Lv. 22 Blackfire Tamer Zakhan and that is the location where you grind for the 240 Tamer's Whip by defeating Blackfire Hunters and even Scorpions.

After succeeding on this Request you unlock another one called Splendor of the Mount Tai Sect, tasking you to collect 240 Trial Tokens. Once again go trigger this Request with an NPC at Bicheon Town and move to the previous destination, [Elite] Nefariox Necropolis 1F. You can start battling and collecting tokens right where you arrive, near the portal (bottom left area). When you hit the 240 mark, you unlock the A Proposal Gem mystery quest.

Mir 4 A Proposal Gem Mystery Quest Guide and Tips

This is a big Mystery Quest with 16 clues to interpret, so you can expect the A Proposal Gem solution to be fairly hefty as well, at least when compared to some of the first quests.

Clue 1:

I've met the Mount Tai Sect Disciple, Gunhun, in Bicheon Town before. I should go talk to him

Start by going to Bicheon Town and talk to Gunhun, who is in the lower part of the map – find him by spotting the purple marker in the map.

Clue 2:

Wasn't he trying to marry Princess Cheonpa? If this is true, there may be rumors flying in Bicheon Castle. I need to talk to the people there

Your next move is to go to Bicheon Castle and chat with this NPC called Desperate Client, near the portal to the bottom right area of the map.

Clue 3:

So, the old man called Munyeol is close to Sondeok. He must know something about Sondeok's marriage

Where could Munyeol be? Well, he's right in front of the Desperate Client, near the portal and the wooden tables. Talk to him.

Clue 4:

To know who Sondeok's bride is, I need to get Aurosinite first. The Mount Tai Sect disciple, Gunhun, might know how to get it

Back to Bicheon Town and Gunhun, who was your first acquaintance in this Mystery Quest. Talk to him and head off to Crystalline Forest.

Clue 5:

So, the Demon Bulls are inside the Crystalline Forest, eh?

In Crystalline Forest, open the map and move to the area with the red circle, marking the Lv. 30 Demon Bull CPT. Fight a few demon bulls in there until you collect 10 Clandestine Directive items. It's pretty random and may take some time, but let it auto-combat and in a few minutes it's done. When it's done return to Gunhun.

Clue 6:

I've done everything he's asked. He won't make any more excuses. Let's go back to Gunhun

Talk to Gunhun and you're sent in another quest, this time to Nefariox Necropolis 2F.

Clue 7:

So Lurid Netherbane is a thousand-year-old demon! I should first go to Nefariox Necropolis 2F and find Slaughterer Khun's haunts. A cliff… I don't like it at all

Mir 4 A Proposal Gem Guide A Noble Cause Mystery Quest Lurid Netherbane

When you reach Nefariox Necropolis 2F, open the map and move to the red circle where the Slaughterer Khun boss spawns. But right before you use the blue jump thing, move to the side and drop down the cliff just like the clue says – check the image for details.

After a short loading you show up on Nefariox Necropolis Depths, move forward and you'll face the Lurid Netherbane. Soon you'll be joined by Lady Ara and a conversation begins after you defeat the demon.

Clue 8:

I guess once I deliver this Aurousinite to Munyeol, he'll give me some definitive answers

Go back to Bicheon Castle and talk to Munyeol, near the portal to Bicheon Castle Taphouse.

Clue 9:

Which part of Ginkgo Valley did he say? Right, a small house inside a small cave somewhere near the Cannibal Plant and Brown Bear habitats

Head over to Ginkgo Valley and move to the bottom right area of the map. Look around and you'll see a green glowing marker, go there and you'll enter the cave to the Healer's Abode. Talk to Munyeol there.

Clue 10:

I wonder what makes Chiliad Aroma Fruit such a great medicine. I should go ask Righteous faction members in Bicheon Town

Exit the Healer's Abode through the portal and go to Bicheon Town. Open the map and you'll see the purple marker on the bottom left side, go there and talk to Yi Cheong.

Clue 11:

Meet at the entrance to Demon Bull Temple 3F? I guess I'll find out what this is about when I get there

Open the map and move to Demon Bull Temple 3F, there's the usual purple marker showing you the place, it's right near the portal on the top left. When you reach the place you find Lady Ara right there, talk to her to complete this clue.

Clue 12:

I'm gonna search every corner of the Demon Bull Temple and obtain that Chiliad Aroma Fruit

Where can that fruit be? It's on Demon Bull Temple 3F, on the right side of the map, right near the portal – check the image for details. In that enclosed area you must eliminate 30 Bull Fiends before moving on.

Clue 13:

Let's check again starting with the entrance of the Demon Bull Temple 3F

Return to Lady Ara at the entrance of Demon Bull Temple 3F and talk to her.

Clue 14:

I must fully prepare myself and head to the Bicheon Valley 4F

Off you go to Bicheon Valley 4F, but where to exactly? To the blue circle marking the Level 66 Demon Bull Guardian CPT, the one that you must eliminate. As you can see, it's going to be one heck of a battle, so it's better if you team up with a few players before starting the battle. Good luck!

Clue 15:

We're supposed to meet at the entrance of Bicheon Valley 4F. Let's head over there

With the Chiliad Aroma Fruit in your pocket, meet Lady Ara at the entrance of Bicheon Valley 4F for this clue.

Clue 16:

I suppose all that is left is to deliver it to Healer Gong in Ginkgo Valley

Your final mission is to return to Ginkgo Valley and reenter the Healer's Abode through the cave, where you'll talk to Healer Gong and deliver the Chiliad Aroma Fruit.

That's the end of this Mir 4 A Proposal Gem Mystery Quest guide from the A Noble Cause chain quest. We hope this helped you through the more complex parts and that you were strong enough to take down the level 66 Demon Bull Guardian.

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