Mir 4 Nefariox Pearl Guide | Nefariox Horn Mystery Quest

Mir 4 Nefariox Pearl Guide Nefariox Horn Mystery Quest

In this Mir 4 Mystery Quest, you'll go through a lot of trouble for a bead. This includes diving into an underwater cave, buying boxes in the hope of finding a map, and fighting a demon who isn't willing to let you go easily. There are a couple of riddles during this adventure that will require you to look around carefully, but we have put together this Mir 4 Nefariox Pearl guide so that you don't waste much time roaming the land.

How to Unlock Mir 4 Nefariox Pearl Mystery Quest

Mir 4 Nefariox Pearl Mystery Quest Guide and Tips

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To unlock the Nefariox Pearl Mystery Quest you must complete one Request mission from Bicheon Town. It is called For the Greater Good and asks you to collect 240 Tamer's Whip from the [Elite] Nefariox Necropolis 1F. Move to the middle of the map where the blue circle is and take out enemies until you collect the necessary amount of items.

Mir 4 Nefariox Pearl Mystery Quest Guide and Tips

Now that you have unlocked the Nefariox Pearl Mystery Quest, the fourth and last from the Nefariox Horn chain quests, it's time to complete it. Follow the walkthrough below to help you out along the way.

Clue 1:

I think I saw a strange Nefariox Lackey close to the waters of the [Elite] Nefariox Necropolis 1F…

Start by going to [Elite] Nefariox Necropolis 1F and open the map. Move to the purple marker and talk to Nefariox Lackey.

Clue 2:

I should go into the Underwater Cave through that puddle… but it looks dangerous… I need more information! There must be someone who has more information

You can drop down behind the Nefariox Lackey, but it's not useful. Below you'll only find a couple of NPCs who don't do anything at all, but one of them tells you about Jangwi, who you must find elsewhere.

In the same map, move to the right side near the portal to [Elite] Nefariox Necropolis 2F, but don't enter. Nearby is Jangwi, whom you must speak to. You can now enter the portal and find this Choo Yakdong nearby. Talk to him to conclude this clue.

Clue 3:

I need to get Nefariox weapons

Time to get armed, but where? While in [Elite] Nefariox Necropolis 2F, move to the right corner of the map where the red circle is and eliminate enemies until you get 10 Nefariox Weapons.

Clue 4:

I now have more reason to get that Underwater Cave map

Return to the entrance of this map and once again talk to Choo Yakdong, the map bearer.

Clue 5:

Do I have to buy all the Junk Boxes and open them one by one? Let's click the map to open it and see if it's worth the money

Hmm, sounds like we must buy a bunch of Junk Boxes from Choo Yakdong. Open his Sundry Shop and buy 10 boxes or so to begin with. Then open your inventory, go to the Sundry tab and open the boxes. You are likely going to find the Underwater Cave Map as one of the items from those boxes. Use the map to finish this clue.

Clue 6:

Now I can get into the Underwater Cave and figure out what kind of bead the Nefarioxen were about to give the Living Wraith

Return to the [Elite] Nefariox Necropolis 1F and go near the Nefariox Lackey. Now you can jump down to the Underwater Cave behind him and this unlocks the next clue.

Clue 7:

Come at me, you Nefarioxen!

The cave sure looks different now with the map. This stage is all about combat, so move forward and defeat 100 Abyss Nefarioxen.

Clue 8:

They wouldn't just give any old bead as a gift to the Living Wraith… It took me a lot of trouble to get here, I can't give up now

When you defeat the 100 Abyss Nefarioxen, a cutscene automatically triggers and you start a boss fight. This is the eight and final stage of this Mystery Quest, just defeat the boss and you're done!

This is the end of our Mir 4 Nefariox Pearl Mystery Quest guide from the Nefariox Horn chain. We hope this solution helped you out and don't forget to check our additional Mir 4 Mystery Quest guides.

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