Mir 4 Past Grudge Guide | The Lost Tome Mystery Quest

Mir 4 Past Grudge Guide The Lost Tome Mystery Quest

Some people tend to hold grudges for a long time, and the folks in Mir 4 are no exception. That's why there's a Mistery Quest called Past Grudge, where old actions will resurface, with tragic consequences. This epic adventure is part of The Lost Tome branch and we're here to tell you how to complete all of its clues. Keep reading for our in-depth Mir 4 Past Grudge guide.

How to Unlock Mir 4 Past Grudge Mystery Quest

Mir 4 Past Grudge guide

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There are three things you must do to unlock the Past Grudge Mystery Quest. The first one, and just to be sure, is to reach level 60 with your character. The second one is to finish the previous Mystery Quest, which is called Endless Misunderstanding.

Finally, you must complete the Request Mission called A Strangely Cold Mine. You can see this video to understand how to clear this mission.

Mir 4 Past Grudge Guide and Tips

There are 12 clues in this Mystery Quest from The Lost Tome, so let's go through each one of them at a time.

Clue 1:

I wonder if Ma Seopgae has woken up. He seemed to have succumbed to Life Leech. If he's better, I'll have to ask him about Warrior Ma's martial arts skill.

Go to Snake Pit and run to the village. Open the map and you'll see the marker showing the NPC that you must talk to, it's Seong Soyo.

Clue 2:

A funeral? Is Ma Seopgae dead? It must be because of what happened last time! Something smells fishy! Madam Seong is in no condition to talk to anyone. I'd better go to Sinner's Shire, meet Sinner Captain, and take back the Gold Tassel.

Go to the Sinner's Shire and move to the location shown in the video above at 1:14 – it's the red circle boss. You must fight the Sinner Captain boss, but the issue here is that you may have to kill him several times until he drops the Gold Tassel and the clue is concluded. If the Mystery Quest clue warning doesn't pop up, you need to fight him again and again until it happens.

Clue 3:

Who's telling the truth? I don't like this situation at all… but I have no other choice. Now that I've got the Gold Tassel, let's go back to talk to Madam Seong Soyo.

Return to Seong Soyo in Snake Pit, just as you did in the first clue of this Mystery Quest.

Clue 4:

I wanted to check Ma Seopgae's body before the funeral started, but I'm too late. Seems like they held this funeral without inviting anyone. Why were they in such a hurry? Now I understand why Madam Seong suspects Wonching. I should go to Sinner's Shire right now to meet Old Lady Seo.

Open the map in Sinner's Shire again and find the marker. This is where Old Lady Seo is standing, go talk to her.

Clue 5:

Getting Aurousinite… Sigh, it's not gonna be easy! Well, at least I know how. Let's move!

Travel to Nefariox Necropolis 2F and check the exact location where you must make a blind jump in the video above at 2:50 – you probably went there before in a previous Mystery Quest. Then you have to fight a few creatures and a Lurid Netherbane boss to complete this clue.

Clue 6:

I'd like to keep this Aurousinite for myself, considering all the trouble that I've gone through… Ugh! No, I can get this kind of thing anytime, if necessary. Let's head back to Old Lady Seo.

Return to Old Lady Seo at Sinner's Shire.

Clue 7:

The Butterfly Fan! This fan does have an ominous aura, yet it's hard to understand why it's not being traded just for being a Demonic Cult object. Is there something more to this? Agent Soh Wuhang did recognize this fan. I should find and ask him. He may give me more information about Wonching.

Travel to Viperbiest Plain and go to the bottom right area of the map – you'll see the purple marker a bit below that, there's some off-road exploration waiting for you. Check the video at 4:58 to know the exact spot where you can start jumping and then keep going until you reach Soh Wuhang. Talk to her to finish this clue.

Clue 8:

Bu Yuwon, Shadow Rustler of the Demonic Cult! What is her relationship with Wonching that allowed her to get the Butterfly Fan? If the Shadow Wayfarers has no information about this, I can't go any further. Let's go meet Madam Seong Soyo.

Back to Snake Pit to talk to Seong Soyo once again.

Clue 9:

It was all about revenge… Did Wonching endure such a long time to aim for an opportunity and seek revenge? Is she also behind Ma Seopgae's death? Wait, I'm missing something here… Well, let's find Ma Wonji first. I need to ask around if anyone knows about him.

Go to Bicheon Valley 4F and check the purple marker on the map. Move there and talk to Seong Soyo to conclude this clue.

Clue 10:

Seong Soyo or Wonching. I'm not sure which one is lying. Whose words would Warrior Ma trust? Whatever, I just need to find Warrior Ma. To that end, I should get rid of these demons first.

This is the hardest bit of the Mir4 Past Grudge Mystery Quest. After talking to Seong Soyo, move to the first open spot nearby and eliminate 60 zombies. It is strongly advised that you call for help, as this will take a long time to do alone, unless you are well above character level 70 or so.

Clue 11:

Did Madam Seong Soyo meet Ma Wonji? I'm sure he's here. I should have asked for directions at least… I should search the area thoroughly. 

Now it's time to find a concealed location, near where Seong Soyo was during clue 9, but to the left. If you're having difficulty finding the spot, check the video above at 7:03 for the exact location. Climb the rocks until you reach the Bull Fiend Boss and defeat it.

Clue 12:

Was he always so indifferent toward his grandmother? He doesn't seem to remember the fight he had with his father. It bothers me that he said Seong Soyo uses a strange skill. Anyway, I should do the right thing and collect her body.

Simply pick up the corpse next to you to complete the Past Grudge Mystery Quest in Mir4.

We hope this Mir 4 Past Grudge guide helped you finish another adventure, and you can look forward to more Mir4 Mystery Quest walkthroughs in the future.

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