Dragon Raja Colby Idiom Solitaire | What is This Anecdote?

Dragon Raja Colby Idiom Solitaire anecdote

There is a specific Dragon Raja anecdote that has been puzzling players since the day that it popped up in the tale list. As always, there is a vague hint to point players in the direction of the trigger, but it's not easy to discover where to begin. After all, some anecdotes obey to very specific triggers such as in-game time and/or weather conditions, making it very difficult to achieve the trigger. Besides, we've seen some tidbits of info referring to features and even gold tales in the game, but the actual meat of those was yet to be implemented. Who remembers the incessant Club 95 warnings, when it was only added into the game a few weeks later? The Dragon Raja Colby Idiom Solitaire anecdote could be one of those cases, but let's investigate and think about what we know so far.

Dragon Raja Colby Idiom Solitaire Guide and Tips

Dragon Raja Colby Idiom Solitaire

This anecdote has the following hint in the Tale menu: “Colby actually knows how to play Idiom Solitaire, unbelievable!” As you surely know, Colby is the lovable little dragon pet that evolved into a weird female medusa-like creature that most players love to hate.

As for the anecdote, the tip is one of the most vague yet, so we have to look into the more advanced Chinese version to find out if anyone has solved this tale yet. Hopefully it will help global players to trigger it, although there may be some circumstances where actions and timings are different, but the idea is to see if anyone is capable of triggering it.

There's a YouTube video by Miyuki雪芳 (watch it at the end of this post) that details this anecdote in much detail. Apparently, it can only be triggered at two different daily times, but these are always so random that it's probably not worth bothering with the Chinese times (which are said to be 12:15 PM and 9:45 PM). To trigger the anecdote one must open the Club chat and type “Idiom Solitaire” (成语接龙 – Chéng yǔ jiē lóng).

Next, you must pick the fourth book from the Library bookcases (it seems that the books are all the same, so any bookcase will do). The book is called Tomb of Legends period, Dragon Destinies 4 and the video mentions giving it to Colby, your pet. Maybe by using it in the inventory?

Some time later, you should receive a message in Club chat saying something like this: “In Club chat, type Idiom Solitaire in order to open the game of Idiom Solitaire.” After doing so, Colby should show up in Club chat, and you must click “I want to Solitaire (60 sec)” in the dialog box to start the game.

Playing Idiom Solitaire is somewhat weird for western players. It's a matter of combining words so that there's a correspondence between the two sentences. As the video clearly shows, the Dragon Raja Colby Idiom Solitaire anecdote requires a custom-made game for the global version, so either it is already in place and no one managed to trigger it yet, or the devs are still working on it.

To get the anecdote, you have to reach the highest record five times. To achieve the Walking Idiom Dictionary title, you must “Correctly answer more than 50 in a round of Idiom Solitaire to obtain this title.”

These are all the hints that we have for the cryptic Dragon Raja Colby Idiom Solitaire anecdote. Hopefully someone will discover how to trigger it… if it is indeed available, and not just there to fool everyone.

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