Dragon Raja Tokyo Jumper Anecdote Guide | Rubber Duck Locations

Dragon Raja Tokyo Jumper Anecdote Guide

Tokyo Jumper is one of the toughest Dragon Raja anecdotes, rubbing shoulders with Tokyo Guidance. If you can’t recall, the latter is the one where you must roam Tokyo’s streets and ceilings, looking for 10 Adams from a total of 32. To make things more complicated, these little robots change location every 15 minutes. But back to the Dragon Raja Tokyo Jumper anecdote, one that will take you to the rooftops of Tokyo as you try to find 13 rubber ducks. With no way to fly or even the option to dash, you can only resort to jumping and giving a slight boost mid-air. With the help of this Dragon Raja Tokyo Jumper anecdote guide, you’re going to find the 13 ducks in no time and earn the achievement from this anecdote.

Dragon Raja Tokyo Jumper Anecdote Guide and Tips

Dragon Raja Tokyo Jumper Anecdote Guide

Tokyo Jumper – A figure jumping between buildings is the highest tribute to the great masters

The first thing that you must do is find Eddie the Parkour Tutor in the Tokyo rooftops. We have detailed instructions on how to find Eddie in case you're struggling, but short story you have to dash and climb a building and find him in a specific location (430,469). Talk to him to start the quest.

There's one important detail that you should keep in mind. In your quest list, you can press “Return to the original roof” and the collected ducks will remain in your list, which means that your progress is tracked. This helps because you can’t dash anymore, so you have to carefully plan your steps, most of the time returning to the starting roof where Eddie is.

Here are the locations of the 13 yellow rubber ducks in the Tokyo Jumper anecdote:

1: From starting roof and in front of Eddie, jump and boost, the duck is on the level below (466,466).

2: From starting roof, go for a big fall from the building ledge behind Eddie, the duck is on top of the huge crab (421,468).

3: From starting roof, jump below, and then make a massive jump to land on top of the big purple road sign (491,477).

4: From starting roof, jump below, cross the big bridge, then jump and boost right (516,450).

5: From Duck 4, keep jumping ahead and then fall from the ledge in front of the big crab (502,419).

6: From starting roof, go to Eddie’s right, jump down twice, then jump left over the bridge, the duck is on top of the rectangular billboard (480,423).

7: From duck 6, turn around and look for the big suspended pasta bowl, another duck is right there, so jump and boost to reach it. Other option is to jump down from the starting roof (453,439).

8: This is an easy one, sort of. From starting roof, jump all the way down and find a metro station nearby. Climb it and the duck is right on top of the sign. Keep trying a single jump to reach it, this may require some patience, but it can be done by some characters, probably has to do with character height. Otherwise, you have to aim at it from above (419,411).

9: From duck 2, jump to the next awning, the duck is there (419,452).

10: From starting roof, go to Eddie’s right and jump down a few times. Look down and you’ll spot another duck, so fall and grab it (440,420).

11: From starting roof, jump below, cross the big bridge nearly to the end, then jump down to the yellow glass ceiling. The duck is easily spotted below the bridge (522,464).

12: From the yellow glass ceiling from duck 11, look down and you’ll find another duck between two units. Jump down and pick it up (508,475).

13: From starting roof and ahead of Eddie, jump down and then get closer to the edge on the right, near the neon lights. Look down to the right and you’ll see the duck. Fall down and grab it (465,455).

Collecting the 13th duck rewards you with five anecdote points and the Tokyo Jumper anecdote. You can still talk to Eddie as if you didn’t complete the challenge, but this is probably a bug – you can safely ignore him and bask on the knowledge that you are a truly great Tokyo Jumper.

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