Mir 4 Boundless Trickster Wuam Guide | Incomparable Master Mystery Quest

Mir 4 Boundless Trickster Wuam Guide

Boundless Trickster Wuam is the first Mir4 Mistery from the Incomparable Master series. It is a remarkably tricky adventure where you have to reach level 76 in order to unlock a clue where you're going to summon and fight a huge boss. This Mir 4 Boundless Trickster Wuam guide is going to show you how, where and when to unlock and complete this Mystery and show Wuam a thing or two.

How to Unlock Mir 4 Boundless Trickster Wuam Mystery Quest

Mir 4 Boundless Trickster Wuam Guide

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To unlock the Mir 4 Boundless Trickster Wuam Mystery Quest, you must finish the previous Two Tombs Mystery Quest from The Lost Tome series. In fact, you must complete all of the Mysteries from The Lost Tome in order to open up this new and fifth series.

It's also essential to complete the Request Mission Rumors About Incomparable Master, where you must defeat 15 unique monsters, or bosses, in the (Elite) Abandoned Mine 2F. You can defeat the same boss 15 times if you wish, it's up to you.

Mir 4 Boundless Trickster Wuam Guide and Tips

One thing that you should note from the English clues of the Boundless Trickster Wuam Mystery is that they are all wrong. In other languages you may notice the correct clues, but in English you get hints that have nothing to do with the Mystery at hand. This may be fixed in a future patch or not, but for now we're transcribing the clues as they are, which means they're entirely wrong. Just pay attention to our walkthrough and you'll do just fine.

Clue 1:

What? Children were sacrificed at Bicheon Castle to unseal the dragon wings? No way! I can't believe it! I won't buy the words of a mere demon! The Bloodshade Warmonger's Nefariox Horn… At least I got the horns.

As you can see, the clues are all mixed up. So, disregard them and simply go and find Bok Yangjeo in Snake Pit, on top of a mountain on the bottom right corner of the map. Find the exact location and path at 1:05 in the video above.

Clue 2:

A Monster Fish Scale? What's that? Why is he suddenly acting so friendly? Is the Black Dragon really going to wake up? Something about an evil bead…? He babbled on about some nonsense and disappeared.

Now it's time to travel to Seocheon Trading Post and find the whereabouts of the NPC Yeo Wujeong. She is neatly signaled at the bottom area of the map with the usual purple scroll, but you have to climb a bit to reach her. You can follow the instructions in the video at 1:45 if you need extra help.

Clue 3:

How far can I trust the words of a drunkard…? Is Queen Magya also involved in the Faction War? Geez, whatever! Let's just make sure to secure the Spell Talisman.

For this clue you must be level 76, otherwise the NPC will stop you on your tracks. Find Yewol in Seocheon Trading Post, top area of the map where the small village is (she shows up as a Resident NPC), and talk to her. If you're level 76 or above, she will ask you to get a Beastly Nefariox's Talisman.

Clue 4:

The Nefarioxen were about to present the Living Wraiths with a gift, but the Living Wraiths slaughtered the Bull Fiends. And this pearl is… It contains an eerie aura so it's probably very dangerous.

Those clues, eh… so totally wrong. Anyway, now you need to craft a scroll to summon the Beastly Nefarioxen in a summoning stone at Seocheon Trading Post, but the bad news is that you may need to defeat the boss various times. The aim of this clue is to open the chests that the boss drops and collect a Beastly Nefariox's Talisman, an item that has a chance of dropping.

So, the issue here is that you're probably going to need the help of one or more clan mates, but they can't open the chests. At the very least, they should wait for you to open a chest or two to see if the talisman drops, then they can get the remaining chests. If the talisman doesn't drop, you need to summon the boss once again and give it another shot.

But let's go back to the summoning part. You need to go to crafting merchant Eo Gisik at Spiritual Center and select the Beastly Nefariox Summoning Scroll. For this you'll need four Soaring Soul Crystals and four Quintessence Crystals, something that you most likely already own. But you also need a Demon Summoning Scroll, a rarer item that drops from monsters in the Spiritual Center and Phantasia areas. Personally, I've reached this merchant with four of these that just happened to drop while I was happily AFK'ing, so it's likely that you have some as well. Otherwise, good luck with the hunt.

Craft the Beastly Nefariox Summoning Scroll and go to the Seocheon Trading Post location shown in the video at 3:36. Use the stone to summon the boss monster and defeat it, collecting the chests and – hopefully – getting the talisman.

With the talisman in hand, it's time to return to Yewol and talk to her to finish this clue.

Clue 5:

Hard to believe that I've got this priceless Meridian Map! I was right! There's no way Herbalist Hong is a sinner. Now that Yu Gombo is no longer suspicious of Herbalist Hong, he'll serve him better.

So, where is Wuam? Still in Seocheon Trading Post, it seems. Open the map and find the purple marker, then go to that location by climbing a bit here and there. Talk to Wuam.

Clue 6:

I worried for nothing. Herbalist Hong isn't one to go down easily! But Bicheon Castle is corrupt to the core. I'm so glad that Healer Doga is safe. And this Renowned Healer's Needle Box… Eh, it may come in handy some day.

For this clue you'll need an item called Centipedeus' Venom. This item has a random chance of dropping during the Grand Centipedeus Boss Raid, but I can tell you that I had five of these items by the time I reached level 76. If you haven't got it already, keep doing the boss raid every day until it drops.

With the venom, return to Yeo Wujeong and talk to her. After the chat you'll watch a cutscene showing Wuam sneaking into some place close by.

Clue 7:

This is the Revival Remedy… It doesn't look so special. How can I use it? I should ask Herbalist Hong later.

For this clue you must find the location that you have seen above. The place is located on the top right area of the Seocheon Trading Post map, seen at 6:08 in the video above. Go there and reach the green glow to complete this clue.

Clue 8:

The Grand Centipedeus! Finally! And I got this regenerating Centipede Husk! It doesn't seem urgent so I'll deliver it to Herbalist Hong later.

This is the final clue. Walk through the rocks just as Wuam did, and in the next area keep going until you find him. A battle starts, one that should be really easy for you now, and when you're about to deal the final blow, Wuam interrupts you. This ends the Mir4 Boundless Trickster Wuam Mystery Quest.


Boundless Trickster Wuam… He's peculiar, but he's not a bad person. He tried to teach me to learn from the process and not the results. Even though they turned away from the world and became reclusive, the teachings of masters are still great.

That's all for the Mir4 Boundless Trickster Wuam guide. Don't forget to collect your rewards: 100,000 Copper, 100,000 Energy, and Demon Fangs for your Codex. This should unlock the next Incomparable Master Mystery Quest called Celestial Lord Kang Shirim.

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