Mir 4 An Herb More Valuable than Gold Guide | Myriad Needle Mystery Quest

Mir 4 An Herb More Valuable than Gold Guide Mystery Quest

Healers and Herbalists are the stars of this Mir 4 Mystery Quest walkthrough. It's not a very long adventure and although it will make you face a few battles, any character above level 30 should be able to handle these with ease. Called An Herb More Valuable than Gold, this is a Myriad Needle Mystery Quest, the second chain of secret missions that you must first discover how to unlock. This Mir 4 An Herb More Valuable than Gold guide will tell you how to unlock the Mystery Quest and how to solve it.

How to Unlock Mir 4 An Herb More Valuable than Gold

Mir 4 An Herb More Valuable than Gold Guide Myriad Needle Mystery Quest

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By now you're used to unlocking Mystery Quests by completing a Request mission or a chain of these. It's pretty much impossible to learn which Request unlocks something, so your best bet is to complete as many as possible.

Or you can follow our Mir 4 guides and get straight to business. Strictly speaking about how to unlock the Mystery Quest called An Herb More Valuable than Gold, you must complete the following Bicheon Castle Request: Unexpected Income – Collect Treasure Chests (3).

To achieve this, you must trigger the Request and then move to Nefariox Ruins 2F. Look around for three treasure chests, a task that should be very easy to accomplish. When you collect your rewards, the Mystery Quest will unlock.

Mir 4 An Herb More Valuable than Gold Guide and Tips

This Mystery Quest is fairly simple, but it's easy to get lost if you don't know where to go. The part where you must find a house could frustrate many players, as it is far from obvious where you must go. Still, we have every little detail described to you in the guide below.

Clue 1:

The styptic is not rare, but why is it so difficult to get it in a bustling city like Bicheon Castle? Something doesn't seem right! I need to know what's going on. Let's start with the Taphouse

Move to Bicheon Castle Taphouse and talk to Sodam to start this Mystery Quest.

Clue 2:

Oh no… Did it get out that Herbalist Hong is a Demonic Cultist? Castellan Sondeok is close with the righteous faction. If things go wrong, Herbalist Hong will be in danger! Herbalist Hong once talked about a Reagent Merchant he supplies herbs for… I should go meet him

Exit the Taphouse and turn left, look for Potion Merchant Gyungjae, right near the portal, and talk to him.

Clue 3:

I should meet Healer Doga, who knows Herbalist Hong personally. It's said he's renting a place in the building where the linen shop is. Considering the high market prices of Bicheon Castle, I guess his clinic must be doing quite well. I should go there

Go down the stairs and you'll almost immediately see an interaction button pop up. Use it to inspect footprints and finish this clue.

Clue 4:

Government officers must have been here. Is Healer Doga in trouble just like Herbalist Hong? I should help him. These footprints are heading to the Bicheon Castle Backstreet…

Open the map and go to Bicheon Castle Backstreet, you'll find the purple marker indicating the spot where you must head off to. Bongyup is the NPC you need to talk to, and after that you need to go down in the area, into this house that the image below shows – check the map in case you are having trouble making sense of the location. Enter the house just by running into the door.

Mir 4 An Herb More Valuable than Gold Guide

Clue 5:

It's much bigger than it looks from the outside. It also smells of herbs. What is this place? I must save Herbalist Hong and Healer Doga

Go into the large room and kill a few enemies until the gate door disappears. Go through the door.

Clue 6:

They tried to kill me without bothering to ask who I am… I thought they were keeping the apprehended Demonic Cultists here, but I was certainly wrong. Are government officers kidnapping healers to monopolize the styptic? I should save the healer. He'll let me know what's going on

Go to the last room and open the jail door. You may have to deal with a few pesky enemies as they will interrupt your action.

Clue 7:

I saved Healer Doga but found no trace of Herbalist Hong. I should meet Healer Doga and find out what happened

Retrace your steps and exit the house. You'll find Doga outside, talk to him and the Mystery Quest is completed.

We hope this Mir 4 An Herb More Valuable than Gold guide showed you the way to the end of this Myriad Needle Mystery Quest. We have more Mir 4 guides below, don't forget to check them out.

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