Mir 4 Flower of the Demonic Cult Guide | Myriad Needle Mystery Quest

Mir 4 Flower of the Demonic Cult Guide

There are six Myriad Needle Mystery Quests in Mir 4, with a couple of them requiring you to grab a few friends for the final showdown. That's right, you don't have many chances of taking down the final boss without a strong party, as the challenge will be insurmountable for solo players. That's not without counting the resources needed to buy the summon badge, so there's a bit of grinding to be done in order to fully complete this quest. Or you may be lucky and already have enough materials in your inventory. Anyway, read our Mir 4 Flower of the Demonic Cult guide to learn how to finish this secret quest.

How to Unlock Mir 4 Flower of the Demonic Cult Mystery Quest

To unlock the Flower of the Demonic Cult Mystery Quest you must complete the Snake Valley Request called Suspicious Woman – Find the Precious Herb. It's a simple matter of travelling to a location and gathering, there's no combat involved.

Open the map and travel to Upper Death Gorge. Find the question mark and with a couple of jumps you should be able to pick up the flower and unlock the Mystery Quest.

Mir 4 Flower of the Demonic Cult Guide and Tips

Mir 4 Flower of the Demonic Cult Mystery Quest

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Here is the Flower of the Demonic Cult walkthrough. Things will go fairly smoothly if you have a character of 38,000 combat rating and time your fights to join other players battling the same creatures. When you reach the boss battle, that's where things get tough…

Clue 1:

Snake Pit really does have a strange aura! Everyone knows it's a dangerous place, but it's never short of visitors. It's also home to a number of unidentified demons and sinners… I'd better check this place out carefully. Who knows what's going to happen?

This quest begins on a difficult note. The very vague clue won't give you much to begin with, but you have to go to Upper Death Gorge, specifically the bottom left area near the Death Gorge Insect Rock landmark.

Your job is to find good old Yu Gombo, who is doing a great job at hiding himself. You must double jump to one rock and then to the one on the side, triggering the appearance of Yu Gombo. Check the image above for a good picture on where you must land.

Clue 2:

Didn't know that Herbalist Hong could be mischievous! Earwig Husks… I can get them easily in this area. Yu Gombo is quite faint-hearted.

To collect the Earwig Husks you just need to move to the area near the two portals, that's where the Fold Earwig creatures are. Attack them until you get 30 Earwig Husks.

Clue 3:

This should be enough. Where did Yu Gombo say to meet him? Ah, right. The campsite to the west of Snake Pit.

Go to Snake Pit and move to the campsite on the left area, near the Crystalline Forest portal. Climb the wooden stairs to complete this clue.

Clue 4:

Where is Yu Gombo? He told me to come here. Where did he go… I should ask around.

On the campsite, talk to Gu Wolong. Check the image below for clarification.

Mir 4 Flower of the Demonic Cult Mystery Quest guide Gu Wolong

Clue 5:

What the…! The nerve of some people! Is Herbalist Hong planning to meet Master Gok? He can protect himself, but what is this all about? I need Possessed Bone Shards to figure it out. People here must know about them.

Back to Upper Death Gorge and move to the area right above the red circle in the map, the one with the letters “Lower Death Gorge” stamped over it. That's where you'll be hunting Possessed Darcs and Mudcreepers until you collect 20 Possessed Bone Shards.

Clue 6:

I'm sure Gu Wolong has some issue with Master Sarmati. When I see him again, I'm gonna ask him what it is. If it's only fake rumors, he shall regret running his mouth.

Return to Gu Wolong on Snake Pit's campsite to deliver the good news… and the stuff that you had to hunt.

Clue 7:

That guy Gu Wolong… I have no idea of his intentions. People say that most Demonic Cultists are very eccentric. That may explain why he is like that. Anyway, he said it's urgent. I should go get the Evil Possessed Bead. I guess I can get some by eliminating demons in the area as usual?

Great, another hunting task! Let's go back to Upper Death Gorge, this time to the red circle area, where you're going to eliminate 25 demons to collect Evil Possessed Beads.

Clue 8:

The Evil Possessed Bead… It doesn't look medicinal at all. Does Herbalist Hong really need it? And who is that person Gu Wolong spoke of? I'm sure I'll be able to learn something when I meet him.

Return to the Snake Pit campsite and talk to Yu Gombo.

Clue 9:

I'm more curious about Master Sarmati and the Flower of the Demonic Cult than about Herbalist Hong's woman… Neither Gu Wolong nor Master Sarmati is likely to answer me. Do I have to ask Herbalist Hong? He told me to go to the northwest of the Death Gorge and find a place where a whirlwind blows, right? I should go that way.

Your next destination is Upper Death Gorge, right to the top left area of the map. When you reach the part where you see the whirlwind, you must air walk to the fence in the distance – be careful not to fall and die. Then, turn around and look down and to the left, you should see Herbalist Hong and Gok Danhwa, drop down and join them.

Mir 4 Flower of the Demonic Cult Mystery Quest guide Whirlwind

Clue 10:

Danhwa… That sounds familiar… Oh my! Gok Danhwa! It's her! Get a Furious Dusk Armado Husk in the Secret Peak? What a request! Should I make a run for it? No! I should do this for Master Sarmati's sake! I'm coming for you, Furious Dusk Armado!

Things will be getting tough now! Use a ticket to enter Secret Peak 1F and go near the Shielder Legion Goblin Watcher, right next to the Goblin in a cage. Open his shop, go to Medium Boss, and craft a Furious Dusk Armado Summon Badge… if you have the materials.

After enjoying your time here, go to Secret Peak 2F and move to the bottom right side of the map (not the isolated formation with the monster marker, but before that). You'll find a boss summon pillar and this is where you must interact to summon the demon. However, this is a very difficult battle, since the Furious Dusk Armado is level 50 and has x65 health bar. You must go there with a strong party, otherwise you'll be downed in no time.

When you defeat the demon, you automatically collect the Furious Dusk Armado Husk.

Clue 11:

I've heard Madam Gok Danhwa was so beautiful that she was called the Flower of the Demonic Cult… But she now looks like… Master Sarmati, Sister Osher… hmm… Is there something that they haven't told me? No, it's none of my business. I suppose I can deliver the Furious Dusk Armado Husk to where we met before.

Return to the location from clue nine and talk to Gok Danhwa to complete this Mystery Quest.

That's the end of this Mir 4 Flower of the Demonic Cult guide. Hopefully you had a few buddies to help you get through it all.

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