Mir 4 Bull Fiend Woman Guide | The Lost Tome Mystery Quest

Mir 4 Bull Fiend Woman Guide The Lost Tome Mystery Quest

The Bull Fiend Woman Mystery Quest continues the story set in motion by The Owner of the Ring. Once again, Wonching will ask us a few favors and put us in tight spots, so you'd better have a combat power near 50,000 if you want to succeed. But one of the trickiest parts is climbing your way to an NPC that couldn't be in a more complicated place, so hopefully you'll find this walkthrough useful. Read the Mir 4 Bull Fiend Woman guide for the entire scoop and complete one more Mystery Quest from The Lost Tome chain.

How to Unlock Mir 4 Bull Fiend Woman Mystery Quest

Mir 4 Bull Fiend Woman Guide

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To unlock the Bull Fiend Woman Mystery Quest, you don't have to complete any Request missions, like it's usually the norm. This time, you have access to it simply by completing the previous Mystery Quest from The Lost Tome chain, called The Owner of the Ring.

Mir 4 Bull Fiend Woman Guide and Tips

Let's start with this Mir 4 Bull Fiend Woman walkthrough. We'll add images in places where you may be tasked with going to a specific location that isn't marked on the map.

Clue 1:

My heart is still heavy. Two sisters being married off to the same man… And why did Wonching call her mother-in-law an enemy? I can't just turn a blind eye on this. I should at least stop by and say hello

Talk to Wonching in Snake Pit, she is in the crowded village area, next to Yu Garyang.

Clue 2:

The Emei Sect might know something since they led the raid against the Bull Fiends. Let's go to the Emei Sect's assembly point to get some information

Go to Cristalline Forest and open the map – move to the spot with the purple marker and talk to Suhyeon.

Clue 3:

Mir 4 Bull Fiend Woman Snake Pit Labyrinth 1F map

Did the Emei Sect figure out how to neutralize the Bull Fiend Poison? They've asked me to come to the Snake Pit Labyrinth 1F. I should hurry

Go to Snake Pit Labyrint 1F and move to the smaller green area, as seen in the map above. Defeat all the specters that show up. Then you must head south to the next special area and jump the gap. Now you have to use your special wall-jumping ability (the button next to the regular jump) to climb up, using the side walls.

When you're up, fight the normal specters and then the big one that shows up right after.

Clue 4:

Having connections to Lady Ara has helped so much. Seems like she hasn't spoken ill of me to others. Well… anyway, I was lucky! I should meet that great healer. I think I saw the Hidden Cliff Path near the Nefariox Ruins. I should go there

This part is extremely complicated, as you must find a way to reach the healer, who is hiding up there in the mountains. The best way for you to reach him is by following the path shown in clue 4 of the video below.

Clue 5:

As I feared, it's impossible to return a completely transformed Bull Fiend like Chunsim back to being human. What a pity… She will be really sad and frustrated to hear these news. What should I do? I can't hide it forever, though. I should tell Wonching these news

Return to Snake Pit village and go back to Wonching to get her up to speed.

Clue 6:

Did I only give up because she's not family? Wonching is really determined to save her sister! I should help her. Han Hyeon was last seen near Snake Pit. I should ask around if anyone saw him

Check the map and you'll see the purple marker, that's where you must find Jasun, go talk to him.

Clue 7:

Mir 4 Bull Fiend Woman Snake Cave map

What Jasun said was somewhat… Aye, forget it. There's definitely a skilled chevalier in Snake Cave. Let's go check if it's Han Hyeon of the Mount Hwa Sect

Go to the Snake Cave region shown in the map above. Look up and you'll see a cave entrance, climb there and run a bit until you find Jung Hawon, who won't hesitate to attack you. Beat him and this clue is completed after a short conversation.

Clue 8:

Oh no. Is Han Hyeon already dead? And that body… it had definitely succumbed to Life Leech! And it wasn't Yeo Wihuang, but Bull Fiends who used it. So many things just don't seem right. Since this is regarding Bull Fiends, Chunsim may be of help. I need to discuss this with Wonching

Back to Snake Pit for another quick chat with Wonching.

Clue 9:

Mir 4 Bull Fiend Woman Snake Pit Labyrinth map

Madam Wonching… She looks after her stepson and nephew Warrior Ma with all her heart. Although she speaks so harshly, I'm sure she's a good person. Let's help her one last time. The first step in getting a Viperbiest Blood Titan's Inverted Scale is to go to the Snake Pit Labyrinth. Let's go

Things are about to get complicated if your character isn't very strong. Go to the yellow location in Snake Pit Labyrinth 1F as shown in the map above. Your job is to take down a Viperbiest Blood Titan, something that is the more complicated due to the other enemies joining in on the fun. Good luck!

Clue 10:

Hunting this Viperbiest Blood Titan really wiped me out. I'd believe it if Wonching had actually sent me there to die. Let's head back to Snake Pit to deliver her this Inverted Scale and do some well-deserved boasting

End this Mystery Quest by returning to Wonching and talking to her.

That's all there is to this adventure, hopefully the Mir 4 Bull Fiend Woman guide helped you out. You can find more Mir 4 Mystery Quest guides below.

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