Mir 4 The Owner of the Ring Guide | The Lost Tome Mystery Quest

Mir 4 The Owner of the Ring Guide

The Owner of the Ring is one of the Mir 4 Mystery Quests from The Lost Tome chain, and likely the first one that most players get to unlock. After achieving a couple of Request missions, you get to embark on this adventure that is somewhat challenging, but thankfully doesn't include any sort of big raid boss forcing you to team up with other players. That alone is a good thing, because you can finish this quest solo without hoping to find players who are willing to cooperate with you. Still, there are a few clues that can throw you off the rails, so you should follow this Mir 4 The Owner of the Ring guide to complete this Mystery Quest.

How to Unlock Mir 4 The Owner of the Ring Mystery Quest

How to Unlock Mir 4 The Owner of the Ring Mystery Quest

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You must complete two Request missions from the Snake Pit region to unlock this Mystery Quest. The first one is As if Possessed – Find the statue where treasure is hidden. The combat power requirement isn't really an issue here, because you can complete it without any combat.

After accepting the Request from Yitong in Snake Pit, open the map and look for the question mark. Go there and you just need to climb that mountain with a few double jumps and collect the statue on top. That's one Request down.

The other Request mission is called Profitable but Troublesome – Eradicate Roaming Bull Fiend. The combat power is 35,350 and this time you need to automatically move to the designated place and kill 480 Roaming Bulls. It may take a while, so get to it and Mystery Quest The Owner of the Ring is unlocked when you collect the rewards for this Request.

Mir 4 The Owner of the Ring Guide and Tips

Let's begin this Mir 4 The Owner of the Ring walkthrough with the clues and respective solution.

Clue 1:

Many bodies killed by Life Leech have been found around here. Let's go check what's going on

This clue is very easy to complete. From the location in Viperbiest Plain where you eliminated the bulls in the Profitable but Troublesome Request, look around and you should see a green glow marking the place that will trigger The Owner of the Ring Mystery Quest. Go there and talk to Ma Seopgae.

Clue 2:

Mummified corpses mean… Life Leech? But it's not enough to prove that it's Yeo Wihuang's doing. Is there something more? I was asked to investigate bodies in the Roving Bull Specter Camp. I need to get rid of these Roving Bull Specters first

Still in Viperbiest Plain move to the utmost bottom right area and take out 50 Bull Fiends.

Clue 3:

Was Ma Seopgae referring to the bodies killed by Life Leech when he mentioned the evidence of Yeo Wihuang being alive? Well, he asked me to investigate those corpses so let's go take a close look

From your previous position, move up to the next area, a smaller one, where you'll find a corpse glowing in the middle of the field. Examine it to finish this clue.

Clue 4:

A woman crying? In a place like this…? Considering the terrain, there seems to be a cave somewhere. I should find her and ask what happened

This one is even easier. Move to the right and you'll see Chunsim standing in the dead end cave, waiting for you to talk to her.

Clue 5:

Chunsim! She became a Bull Fiend and had to leave her family… Damn Bull Fiends! She said her son's name is Ma Wonji! The Ma family name… Does she happen to know Ma Seopgae? I should go ask him

Open the map and find the purple marker nearby. Go there and talk to Ma Seopgae.

Clue 6:

That Ma Seopgae… I don't like him. I can't trust him at all! But Ma is a rare family name, so I'll need to talk to some of them. What odd manners to invite a guest to a meal, yet ask to bring their own ingredients… So annoying, but I have no other choice. I should hunt a Plant Turtle and take it to Snake Pit Village

Now we must kill 15 turtles, probably for turtle soup… From where Ma Seopgae is facing, turn left and you'll see some stone demons and the Poisoned Plant Turtles that you must eliminate.

Clue 7:

Mir 4 Mystery Quest solution

There's only one Ma family around here. It won't be difficult to find them. In which part of Snake Pit Village do they live? Ugh, he didn't even bother giving me his address… I need to ask around

For this clue you must travel to Snake Pit, to the lower left side of the map, and talk to Seong Soyo. Check the image above for the exact location.

Clue 8:

Mir 4 The Owner of the Ring Viperbiest map

Meddling in someone else's family affairs is… Eh? Wonji! The old lady definitely just called him Wonji… So Ma Seopgae is Bull Fiend Chunsim's husband. I need that Steelskin Nefariox's Club. Looks like Warrior Ma has trained in martial arts

Go back to Viperbiest Plain and take out a few Steelskin Nefariox Skirmishers, you should get the club in no time. See the map above for the exact location where the enemies are.

Clue 9:

Okay, I have the club. Ma Seopgae lives at Snake Pit Village. Let's go

Back to Snake Pit, just open the map and you'll see the purple marker. Go there and talk to Seong Soyo. Suddenly, Wonching catches up to the conversation.

Clue 10:

The way Madam Wonching looked at the ring was weird! Looks like lady Seong Soyo did lie, but… Could it really be Lady Wonching's ring? If so, why did Chunsim… Well, I can ask her when we meet later. She told me to go west of the village and take the road to the right of the Abandoned Post

Go to the bottom left area of this map, where Wonching will be waiting. Surprise, she attacks you! After winning the battle, don't forget to collect the big blue chest that appeared near you.

Clue 11:

I told Madam Wonching where to find Chunsim. It's now up to them. Still… I can't shake it! I should take it upon myself to prevent any misunderstanding between them. Let's go to the Vagabond Bull Fiend military camp's cave, where I first met Chunsim 

Return to the small cave in Viperbiest Plain where you first met Chunsim. Watch as she cuts Wonching in half, or at least it would be in real life. Fight Chunsim and then talk to a surprisingly healthy Wonching to finish this clue.

Clue 12:

Mir 4 The Owner of the Ring Snake Pit Labyrinth map

She asked me to hunt the Viperbiest Crusher in the Labyrinth and bring her a Vamp Fox sachet. How is Madam Wonching so familiar with such medicine? Her martial skills, to… She's no ordinary lady! Wait, that's not what's important now. Although Chunsim is a Bull Fiend, I can't just abandon her. Let's go get the medicine

Travel to Snake Pit Labyrinth and go to the location marked in the map above (bottom left green boss). Now you have to wait for the level 45 boss Viperbiest Crusher to spawn and defeat it… three times. Only by the third time you'll get the Vamp Fox Sachet you need.

Clue 13:

It took longer than I thought. Is Wonching still in that cave? I'm worried about Chunsim…

Return to the cave where you left Chunsim and Wonching and talk to the latter.

Thus ends this The Lost Tome Mystery Quest. We hope that the Mir 4 The Owner of the Ring guide helped you all the way, and you can check more  Mir 4 Mystery Quest guides below.

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